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  1. Amazing pace, I hope he can keep it up. So glad I drafted Kittle in round 3 as my backup.
  2. Yes, of course. But people with better options probably aren't looking at Wilson or this thread. The RBs I drafted this year have left me adrift at sea, and our waiver wire is basically a desert island. So now it's just me and Wilson. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dNLvRN2GUbg
  3. Welcome back TY. Even if it's just for the next couple of games, this car still has some gas in the tank.
  4. 99 yards in the 1st quarter, then Goff gets a 1 yard rushing TD. That's how The Man sticks it to ya kids.
  5. That's fine, but if Henderson just gets another 5 touches in this game I'm not counting on 74 and a TD again. I'm starting Akers. (over Todd Gurley, if that matters)
  6. https://www.si.com/nfl/2020/12/10/cam-newton-career-rushing-touchdowns-breaking-leaderboards Cam now has 69 career rushing TDs. Good enough to be tied for 32nd on the Running Back list. Steven Jackson (tied) - 69 Maurice Jones Drew - 68 Eddie George - 68 Thomas Jones - 68 Ricky Williams - 66 Fred Taylor - 66 Herschel Walker - 61 (That's just a sampling from the complete list.)
  7. Wow, not only did I make it but I came in 13th this week, with my highest score so far this year. https://subscribers.footballguys.com/contest/2020/101525.php Move aside everyone, my entry is rising to the top thanks to big-time studs like Mark Ingram, Boston Scott, Deebo Samuel, Sammy Watkins, and Evan Engram! 😄
  8. I am AMAZED that my entry is still alive. My roster is so bad I hadn't even bothered to check the standings for the last 5 weeks or so. But it looks like I kept scraping by. Now that I've jinxed myself by looking, I'm sure I'll be out in Week 11. 😄
  9. Sure. For the past 5 years my league has offered a next-season draft bonus pick to the owner who ends the season with Jordan Reed on their roster. (we have shallow benches)
  10. Ugh Yahoo still lists him as "Doubtful" so I can't use an IR slot. Have any other leagues updated his status? Is there a way to "suggest" a status change to Yahoo?
  11. ##### has been crazy at work for me, so this morning was the first I even thought about the Subscriber contest. I hadn't even paid my subscription until this afternoon, and then I filled out my entry form ONCE, no edits. I'm not going to make any changes at all...rolling with my first pass. Good luck to everyone.
  12. As a Chark owner, last season felt like a tale of two very different halves to me. That's why I'm cautious about him this year. The first half of the season was amazing (some would say overachieving), while in the second half he only had one good FF game (week 11). His targets roughly remained the same in the second half, but his fantasy production dropped considerably. I just don't see him being a fantasy WR1 this season, and I think he's being drafted correctly by most people - somewhere around the 24th WR off the board.
  13. 12 team .5 PPR Team A gives: Courtland Sutton and a 2021 3rd Team B gives: DJ Chark and a 2021 1st
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