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  1. @ Citron Research guy crying "Shorts are people with families too, you shouldn't do stuff like this to them". Oh the irony.
  2. Not that it was realistically on anyone's radar, but, news in Japan is reporting rumors that they're soon going to announce the 20201 Olympics are cancelled. Tokyo will be getting the 2032 Games in compensation.
  3. So am I, Bally and Midway and the rest made their cabinets to be modular... Once people stopped playing Pac-Man or whatever, they just needed to replace the stickers on the side and plug in a new memory module to turn it into a Q-Bert. After like the mid 80s the cabinets were intended to house multiple games in their life of usage.
  4. Well, to be fair, many of the machines didn't just play one game. After a while, the manufacturers caught on and made them upgradable... just add a new ROM and slap new stickers on the side and you can re-brand an old played-out machine with a new game. For most of the time arcade machines have been around, they've been intended to house multiple games (albeit, one at a time). Having a machine that can play 50 or 200 or 1000 is just the next logical step.
  5. "H&R Block" now that's a good joke. Ken took it well
  6. Surprised they didn't go with Queens Gambit Cobalt Autonomous Blockchain Augmented Disruption
  7. Wow me too, I bought on the dip at $40 with a target to sell at $60, which I did. Oops.
  8. I had 3 different holders on my mortgage in the first 9 months I had the house. Then when I refi'd, the notary said when we were going through the mountain of docs to sign... "... and this one is an acknowledgment that they have the right to re-sell your mortgage to someone else... and, oh, looks like they already did..." and yeah before it closed and before the first payment was due I was already with a different company.
  9. I haven't checked in since the page count was in double digits. Now that it's 1000 deep, are we still getting reports of "my wife's sister's neighbor's brother in law is a firefighter, and he said we should make sure to have a full tank of gas in the car because something is going to happen in two days!"
  10. Can confirm, works in the Brave browser with their built-in filter.
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