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  1. I hate the clickbait title... they didn't receive a signal from a planet, they saw a measurement that could indicate that there is a planet. To them, that's a "signal" there could be a planet there.
  2. Both sidebar and captcha are back on mine, even though I have all the adblock filters enabled
  3. Felt that way when it broke $7 two weeks ago. Always something on this ride!
  4. Other than the Play-In games, no Thursday games in the tourney this year? And some Tuesday games. Seems odd.
  5. I collect religious artifacts, so, I guess my holy grail is The Holy Grail.
  6. Odds on a Proactive video in the next 48 hours?
  7. Try goodrx.com, plug in the # of tablets you want per refill. Might be able to find it for 7.50. Don't need your insurance.
  8. Starting to dip my toes in this. Already made a mistake here and there but finding my way.
  9. I believe these two drugs were the ones who's medical codes were added to the system in December along with Leronlimab
  10. Well sure. "Blockchain" may be the future. "Decentralized Currency" may be the future. I don't see why Bitcoin, which owns patents on neither of those ideas, would be the precise implementation that wins in the long run. It's not built do to those things at scale well. I don't see why "Blockchain is good" helps Bitcoin specifically, nor why it should benefit. Bitcoin could very well be the Betamax/HD-DVD/Friendster of the tech, the first in but not the best execution. In fact, if digital currency is the future, it will de facto be something other than the Bitcoin implementation of the idea.
  11. Kinda no one. Bitcoin is not a cryptocurrency. Bitcoin is a cryptoasset.
  12. Or say someone sees all the excitement in the other thread, and when it hits $10 he finally figures it's for real and buys in. Takes $10,000 out of his bank account and buys 1,000 shares. Then the price plummets down to $3 in ten minutes, he panics, and decides to sell half to get some of his money back. So he sells 500 shares for $1,500 which he puts back in his bank account. He's left with 500 shares and he's out $8,500 for them. Math says the average cost of the remaining shares is $17, that's what the stock price will have to rise back up to before he breaks even.
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