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  1. DGBs snaps have been steadily increasing too. I'm just questioning how big of an impact Ertz has on DGB. Coming out of the bye the only thing that is certain is there are a lot of questions. I like this offense and they need someone else to step up. If DGB is realizing his potential, he could be very valuable. In deep leagues he's a great stash now to see if it happens. Pre-emptive pickup as I said.
  2. Stiffer but not stiff. Got it. ETA: I really like watching his not stiffness.
  3. You said it. Maybe try explaining your reasoning instead of denying it two posts later. We can all agree he's a bonafide stud. But stiff is the last adjective that comes to mind when describing his style of play.
  4. Still like Gio in dynasty but trying to find a week to plug him in redraft is a headache. If they get behind and pass he's good for double digit points. Trying to decide if the cowboys can do that...
  5. Statistically speaking - their careers in the redzone... DGB - 9 targets, 4 catches, 30 yards, 3 TD's. Ertz - 27 targets, 11 catches, 88 yards, 5 TD's. It appears that DBG, 2 years behind Ertz is off to a better start.
  6. You got the vert wrong, I got the hands wrong. Lets call it even. http://www.nfl.com/combine/profiles/zach-ertz?id=2540158 http://www.nfl.com/combine/profiles/dorial-green-beckham?id=2552491
  7. I was thinking bigger as a target... taller, longer arms, bigger hands, jumps higher. Also runs considerably faster.
  8. I'm not one for nit picking but alright. I'm right. ETA: I was thinking bigger as a target... taller, longer arms, bigger hands, jumps higher. Also runs considerably faster.
  9. You're right, though thru three weeks it seems the RBs and WRs get the most opps in the red zone vs only 1 for TE's. However, that may have been because Ertz was out. Either way, I still think DGB is a better target in the RZ. He's bigger than Ertz and certainly has more range. I'm still cautiously optimistic about DGB here!
  10. I think he's a sneaky preemptive pickup this week and feel that they will be getting him more involved as well. He's their best RZ threat IMO, and with the bye week to get more acclimated with the offense, I could see him in line for more snaps.
  11. That may be in part because they haven't faced a team that has any talent at the TE position. Between OAK, NYG, ATL there isn't much there as far as TE's or TE utilization goes.
  12. got me. I think my auto correct changed my a to an e when I forgot an L... if that makes any sense. - Anyway, Dixon seems primed with opportunity here. I can't wait until next week to see if he can step up and run with it.
  13. I understand, I wonder if the MCL injuries may have been related this year? Also, he missed 2 games in 2013 with a knee injury and 2 game in 2015 with an ankle injury. Anyway, I was just snarkily eluding that it's a bit early to suggest him being injury prone.
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