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  1. That may be in part because they haven't faced a team that has any talent at the TE position. Between OAK, NYG, ATL there isn't much there as far as TE's or TE utilization goes.
  2. 40 drop backs, 33 passing attempts, 4 runs, 3 throwaways. 15 completions (45.5%), 168 yds, 5.1 yds/attempt. 1 TD, 0 INT 5 dropped passes...
  3. he completed 8 passesOver half that he attempted and 2 of which went for a tuddy. I'd say that's quite a day.
  4. @PFF_Steve: Breshad Perriman by Route pic.twitter.com/Zj4uxXWeTt https://twitter.com/PFF_Steve/status/580805576617246720 14% drop rate...
  5. with wheels like that its, hey breshad go deep. And... drop the ball?
  6. Perriman was known as a burner. It was faster than expected, but still I really question that you can change too much on him with a fast pro-day 40. He is who we thought he is, IMO. His routes are spotty at best and his hands are very questionable. Honestly, I think Xue is the only person on the world wide web who seems to think that Perriman is a better route runner than White. While I'll agree Perriman appears a bit more sudden and smooth on the field, I'd still take White all day over Perriman even if there's a premium to be paid. I can't get over his hands and his route running. Speed wil
  7. I'm not going to lie. I'd probably be doing the same thing... and the same ladies. https://twitter.com/WillBrinson/status/487053433716080642
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