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  1. Wowzers! I have nearly an identical plan, going into my FINALE. (minus the idiotic rule dilemma). I can get as many as I need (though it's Dynasty, so I may have to outbid rebuilders for Boone). But what interests me is the kicker move: Z has been my guy for at least 2 years, but this season he just doesn't look like the guy anymore. Ay a glance, I am considering between Koo and Jason Myers. What are you thinking?
  2. Yes, we need to be a little patient. I for one have Josh Jacobs withering with my Super Bowl looming, and weighing up whether to claim DeWayne or Boone (or both!) Otherwise I may have go with Hunt as RB2 and Flex someone iffy like Hunter Henry or Marquise.... less than ideal!
  3. Following... 🍿 I'm thinking about adding Perriman for my Super Bowl. The Bucs still seem to care, right??
  4. Yeah, but ..... I for one am likely dropping him this week (going into My Super Bowl). Not really worth a Hold in this Dynasty League, as I was the only one in the league who seemed to be rating him, and I'd rather free this roster spot up to buy someone else in the next Auction. Nutshell: Waiver Wire speed dial next season
  5. would you start him over Golden Tate (@ Bears) ??
  6. All of that and you settled on DT and Crowder? They're both playing for the Jets, right? I hope that any of Diontae, Renfrow, Conley, Reynolds or Amendola aren't sitting on the waiver wire. Just because the Dolphins are playing, doesn't mean Darnold will easily make both the scrubs relevant. I like all the above better than the Jets, but mainly because I actually think the Dolphins win this week (these are bitter rivals)
  7. Out of the names mentioned so far, Diontae stands out to me. But I am crosssing fingers and going in another direction this week, with some of my guys on Bye or carrying knocks (Hollywood, Fuller): hello Danny Amendola! He's becoming a reliable security blanket in the Stafford resurgence, and has a favorable matchup in week 9. Definitely worth a look in half point, or PPR
  8. As well as not being great, thus whiffing on enough 3rd downs in the RZ to get a goodly amount of FG tries. Perfect Fantasy K recipe
  9. similar refrain in at least 2 of my leagues, and I've had him in Dynasty since rook draft. And doncha just LOVE how he went from 3rd WR ranked as late as week 2 to suddenly the pundits' darling "Start him" pick? Without any apologies for the slight of course. The GALL! 😄
  10. I'm afraid it's safe to cut and swoop later... he needs more seasoning, not quite ready.
  11. Well-reasoned argument there. And for a team as savvy as the Pats, they should have been able to see that AB was not cut out to be a team-player. But not sure they would see Green worth a 3rd-rounder (although they usually stockpile mid-round picks like a squirrel with nuts). And it would likely be a slam dunk that he'd sign an extension. If I were a decent team with suspect receivers (Giants or Niners anyone??), I would jump the line and offer a 3rd and a 6th. Get it done, give your young QB a stud to grow with !
  12. I have Green, Golden Tate AND Kareem Hunt... and I'm 3-1. ☺️ I feel like I'm holding at least one Golden Ticket for the playoff stretch (just might be hard to hold onto them all in order to find out!) To be more productive, as per the OP-- I agree about targeting the Green owner, especially if they have more Injuries than you do. Just make a fair offer based on where their needs are.
  13. yeah I know, but the point is Brown-- taking little time to look like the real deal (while we're still waiting for Davis to show any consistency.) Brown should be on the radar for those who feel shaky about their WRs (or even those who own Davis). Caveat: who knows when or how often Mariota will ever look this good again. And if you ever bet $ on a Titans game, you really got a gambling problem
  14. A.J. Brown looks like the #1 WR already-- I bet he's not widely owned in redrafts. He's making Corey Davis look more and more like a BUST
  15. cut him loose midweek, with a pat on the butt for last year, for a package involving Waller.
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