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  1. I don't know, maybe there is something to this 2 QB idea.... Didn't Fox see Glennon lay that monster block out of the wildcat formation last week to secure a TD? He may have created an all new position utilizing a QB who no one wants to see throw the damn ball...
  2. If it wasn't so asinine I would swear this was fake news. But considering it's Fox speaking, I can only just laugh and wonder what game he was watching. Unless he was referring to the coaching staff as a significant factor. Then maybe he is on to something... At least I have my Boilermakers (the collegiate kind, not the drink which I think I need after this game).
  3. Thompson seems to be targeted a fair amount - could work his way into a regular role in the rotation with White, Wright, and Wheaton (assumed)?
  4. Conner Shaw in the game with 9:00 minuets left in Q2. Did Trub come up lame or is the coaching staff trying to keep him alive? This offense line is horrible. Safe to say we have zero depth....
  5. The front 7 on defense is looking good though - like what what they are showing....
  6. Seriously, the Bears are straight up ponderous. WTF is the point of this game? Do the Beats have so little confidence in the O-line that they feel pass pro is out the door? Let the kid throw the damn ball!!!
  7. Agreed, I like what Shaw has done (albeit in limited action). Maybe the Bears hope to catch reap of the "mentoring" skills Sanchez brought to Dallas last year for Dak. Kind of a crappy reason in my opinion: let's mentor the future with a QB who has been less than stellar. It's not like Trub is going to sit behind Manning or Farve (see two pretty o.k. QB's we could name). Trub has to navigate this on his own... Back to Shaw: I thought he was a good fit as a #2 and the Bears should use this as a reason to re-think their ineptitude.
  8. Kind of my thinking as well, though if he is healthier than the last couple of years it could be a short term boom.
  9. Bears are reported to be signing Victor Cruz to a 1 year deal. Thoughts?
  10. I am still interested in knowing what, if any, free agent WR's are available. The Bears need to bring in as much talent as possible for evaluation at this position. White is still an unknown commodity at this time, Wright is ok, Wheaton meh. Merrideth had a good season, but it came after the others ahead of him were lost to injuries - can he solidify his place? K.D Cannon was an UDFA released by SF. Initially thought to be a prospective impact player, what's the story on him? Could he be someone to bring in for a tryout this weekend?
  11. Not to change topic (although, thank god someone did), but: Is there anything to see with Tre Boston, Safety released by CAR. Stats show a decent year in 2016, maybe worth a 1 year deal the Bears love to give out? Grab him off waivers - he may be more of a value than the questionable OL signings over the past 2 days. Maybe Boston can find a spot in the def backfield rotation?
  12. I will second everything you said. We have no choice, and a high quality QB will be worth it all. But initially, I am slightly encouraged. I will also add: I am not only a Bears fan, but also a White Sox guy. The Sox have sucked since the 2005 WS, but they have changed their approach for 2017 and I am hopeful this has rubbed off of the Bears. If we miss the '17 playoff's for the greater good of long term success then I will be happy enough.
  13. I believe Jordan Morgan was on the Senior Bowl team Fox coached, so the Bears staff had a week to work with and evaluate him. Sounds like they didn't just pick blind on this one, give him a chance.
  14. I've been reading about the Gronk comparisons too. Pace is going big or going home - it's a high risk / high reward kind of draft now, like it or not.
  15. This. Only chance now would be to toss away a 4th to move the othe 4th into the 3rd. Would be kind of moving backwards at this point...
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