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  1. Fair to say a first rounder shouldn't define your team. Also fair to point out that although injury can't be blamed on the player (if memory serves it was something clumsy that Kamara did), you kind of want your first rounder to also preferably not get involved in boneheaded and destructive physical altercations with teammates. Even beyond injury, this player has been a total disappointment.
  2. Perhaps but he played the vast majority of 7 games (got injured on like the last play of week 1), you'd think he was at least mostly healthy for those games. Not a single td and 2 games where he just about made it past 100 yards. Kind of hope for a bit more from a first rounder.
  3. Appreciate the input. Agree that TY is the most "in-form" player there and Gallman is slowing a bit, just thinking with game script and goalline opps, Gus is a decent option.
  4. Probably my worst draft pick, relative to expectations, in 20 years of playing. Even when briefly healthy, produced next to nothing. Thought Adams was a bit disappointing last year, if only I had the crystal ball to have MT last year and Adams this year.
  5. Stuck between Gus, Gallman and TY Hilton. Gallman seems the safest play but Gus has multiple td upside.
  6. No idea where this came from, he had barely 50 yards a game for weeks. Incredible. To think I almost benched him for Hockenson too. Holy heck, i'd have kicked my own ### 6 ways from Sunday if i'd done that, probably only the matchup for Detroit persuaded me it was a bad idea. Better to only just get out of your own way sometimes.
  7. No, not a breakout game but better than 50 yards, the majority of which were ground out late, he had almost nothing through 3 quarters. No, the comment was more specifically about the amount of times replacement RBs come along and get everyone excited to the extend they're talking of benching true studs to accommodate them, only for it to fail miserably. It happens many times, every year and I fall for it myself occasionally, Edmonds springs to mind. Booker got about his floor in this game while many were expecting top 10ish numbers. I'm glad I missed him on waivers and started Gallman instead
  8. Another next to useless spot start RB statline. See Mattison, Edmonds and about two dozen others this year.
  9. Anyone a little leery of drafting this guy if you already drafted AB in round 1? I only ask because it's one thing to have Ben's annual injury affect one key player, but affecting two is something to think about surely.
  10. That's what i'm trying to get a handle on, where to put a marker in the sand and say "ok now the upside outweighs the risk and you have to grab him". Somewhere between WR15 and WR20. Seems high with the risk involved but the payoff could be huge. I think that's where i'm at, want to get him as a 3 on as many of my teams as possible, if it means reaching 8-12 spots early, so be it.
  11. Right, I mean round 4-ish there is a lot of talent at WR out there. K.Allen, Benjamin, A.Jeffery, A.Robinson, D.Adams, Edelman etc etc. Is he worth picking over all of them? I know the potential, particularly with his TD rate before the suspension but there's plenty of risk too
  12. When is the right spot to grab this dude? I'm thinking early to mid 4 he should be grabbed in a 12 teamer? Too early?
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