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  1. One other WDIS that I forgot to include, standard scoring M.Brown vs Bengals - good player having solid season but unpredictable how Ravens use their WRs D.Swift @ Rams - player who thrives when Lions are behind late in games but this looks a bad matchup Thank you
  2. Having some real TE issues this year. Drafted Kittle, injured. Picked up Knox, injured and on BYE. So my choices this week are Gesicki vs Atlanta - seems solid, decent matchup Ertz vs Houston - good player, great new QB and they might want to feature him, but new team, might need time to settle etc Any help appreciated
  3. Went against Henry last night with a 27pt lead, had Knox and Bass going as well and I was sweating bullets that this would go into OT. Won by 10 points but i'm not sure that would have held up in OT. This dude is freakin terrifying to go up against.
  4. Thanks for the follow-up! I agree, very tough. Might be worth shooting for the high upside guy (Toney) but one of those where it'll probably be the wrong choice whichever way. I agree though, with how it's shaking out, Toney has the higher ceiling. On the Colts, Hilton being activated is interesting as he is actually a FA in my league, but that's tough to trust given it's his first week back.
  5. As a Murray owner, can only hope this benefits both
  6. Thanks for doing this. standard scoring, need one from the following for flex T.Boyd @ Detroit - horrible stats last week, hard to trust M.Pittman vs Houston - interesting usage and good matchup? K.Toney vs Rams - Assuming he plays of course
  7. I greatly suggest people stay away from this dumpster fire backfield altogether for their own sanity.
  8. I started Patterson over Swift this week, didn't like what I saw last week, hope Swift proves me wrong!
  9. My bad, Carson is NOT OFFICIALLY out, just looking that way. This is one of those decisions that I always seem to get wrong, so much depends on gameflow etc Thanks for input!
  10. I guess FF is fluid, who'd a thought...with Carson out, do I go Henderson or Collins?
  11. Sorry to piggyback on original question but would you start Collins if he is indeed the starter over Patterson or Swift this week?
  12. I would also lean Lance but it's a bit of a gut call really based on not much more than he will probably have to pass to keep up with Murray and Lawrence has lost a deep threat in Chark. Thanks for answering mine
  13. standard scoring, starting Elliott and Ridley, need 2 from this group: C.Carson @ Rams - normally trustworthy but this past week, yuck D.Henderson - same game as Carson C.Patterson vs Jets - don't like starting multiple players from same team but gotta ride the wave for now? D.Swift @ Vikings - tough to trust after such a bad game, was it a one off? Also at TE - Kittle @ Cardinals or Knox @ Chiefs Thanks!
  14. Disappointed in this guy in terms of td's but the targets are there at least and td's are always unpredictable. As an owner, not thinking of selling and just praying the td's will come eventually.
  15. Definitely not sustainable but he might, just might, be a reasonable flex going forward ☺️
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