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  1. his gold just turned to coal. wtf. would have been nice to be informed that he would be inactive
  2. george kittle or T.J. Hockenson rest of the year ,redraft league
  3. yea thanks guys i should have put my roster up but i decided to just stick with barkley
  4. trade away Saquon Barkley, for Damien Harris, or stafford and mcclaurin ppr league superflex start 3 wrs
  5. thanks that is who i am playing,im hoping cincy knows daltons flaws
  6. would you trade zeke away for allen? I am in playoffs with no wrs. this is a dynasty 1 ppr. or should i just suck it up and keep zeke for next year
  7. we have cohen in there at least we have a chance,montgomery not looking too good today,need more short passes to cohen all day long
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