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  1. Sam looks like a professional QB. Maybe it was the Jets that ruined him. Solid pick up by the Panthers. They didn’t give up a whole lot for him either.
  2. Giants kicker Gano has made 35 in a row. Seven of those have been 50+ Yard kicks. It does seem like it is a lot easier to make FGs these days.
  3. He plays for a terrible team. The coach states that the offense dictates that whoever of the 3 is hot gets the ball. I have him, but he will be my next drop if something interesting comes along.
  4. Not at all. I took Chubb with the 11th pick and would do so again. He is a joy to own. non-PPR
  5. Gano has made 35 FGs in a row. 7 of those have been from 50+. The dude is automatic.
  6. Watch James White become the lead dog of this committee.
  7. One of a kind. He was one of the reasons I started to watch SNL. His Bob Dole, Weekend Update, and Burt Reynolds on celeb jeopardy were gold. Got emotional as I was texting about this with my siblings. We used to tape SNL and watch it on VHS the following day.
  8. Nope. This kid will be solid. Not a great start, but it’s one game.
  9. I was wrong from what I saw in week 1. Have to own this if I’m bragging about Chase in his thread.
  10. Thanks to his preseason I was able to land him on both of my leagues. The kid is special. Plus he has his college QB throwing him the rock. They are both studs!
  11. AB on the bench in two leagues. I suck at making decisions. At least some folks had better choices such as Thielen and Lockette. I started GB TE over him in the flex. I have AROD so I though it would be fun if he threw him a TD. I should not be playing this game.
  12. QB gets 1 point for every 10 Yards Passing QB gets 6 points for every TD Passing QB gets -5 for every INT
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