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  1. I find the twitter/dynasty community’s reaction to the Fitz signing fascinating. Here is a guy who is universally LOVED. No one has a bad word to say about him. He’s a meme, a myth, a legend etc. I get it - he has the beard, the IDGAF attitude on the field and off, he seems like a great dude. That’s all great. He likes to sling the ball around and that can be great for fantasy. It has been very good from time to time for certain WRs. But ultimately isn’t he a pretty average QB on the verge of retirement? He’ll likely put up some decent stats and have a few shocking duds that make you wonder why a team is paying him to start. He’s always been good enough to stay in the league and compete well if starting, but not good enough for any team to commit to him for more than a year or two (is this his 9th team?!). That’s what he is. Yet the reaction to this is universally positive: great signing, stock to the moon for McLaurin etc. This is both from a fantasy perspective (which is more understandable) and real NFL. People reacting like they just signed prime Brady. I’m not saying that it’s a bad signing, it’s not. But as a QB, is he really any better than/different to Dalton, Gardner Minshew or Foles, or [insert average QB here]? If those guys signed with the WFT, the fans would riot (see Bears) and it definitely wouldn’t be stock up for anyone. Is it just that he’s FUN and we want to have fun? I’m just interested in the perception/idea of Fitz and how he’s come to be so universally adored, when most journeyman QBs either get a shoulder shrug from fans or outright hostility.
  2. I’ve never understood this. What’s a week or two or three or whatever if you’re talking about the best possible candidate? I understand FA and the draft come around quickly and ideally you want to have the coaching structure in place if possible, but it just seems needlessly rushed.
  3. People will bring stats to say otherwise but even in 1QB I think the top end QBs have a decent amount more value than in standard 4pt and obviously even more as the league gets bigger. It’s just such a disadvantage to not have a guy who puts up 30-35 guaranteed per week and can blow up for 50. That’s my experience anyway. It’s all very well for people to say just get guys like Stafford or Matt Ryan cheap but those teams get blown away by the teams with Mahomes, Allen, Murray etc. As for the trade, I like McLaurin but think it’s ok to move him, especially given the depth at WR. He’s great to have but you can replace those stats I think. I just wouldn’t go after Lamar if there are other options like Herbert available.
  4. Definitely not 2 picks. Even 1 might be steep given the age difference, but I don't play non-PPR and that probably factors in a little.
  5. I own Mixon and I'd like to sell, but the value isn't there right now. You'd be basically dumping him for RB2 prices (maybe people in other leagues are more enthusiastic about him but there's not much interest in mine). I'm not as high on him like I used to be - he's super frustrating to own - always dinged up, plenty of mediocre games, loses passing game work (at least to now), but having said that he could be a RB1 just on volume any year if he plays a full season. Even if he's only averaging 4ypc, that's pretty valuable given how hard it is to find a workhorse. I'd like to sell him for a young WR, but honestly I don't have a need at WR in most leagues (there is such a glut of options right now). I guess what I'm saying is he's a hold and hope that he starts the season well next year and you can cash out. That's what I'm thinking at this point anyway.
  6. Yeah that's often the thinking. The fact that they requested a meeting with Garrett so soon is pretty alarming. It suggests there's a decent amount of interest there.
  7. Daboll or Brady make the most sense and would be perfect to unleash Herbert. Garrett would be ridiculous - can't believe he's still employed.
  8. There are a few things I suppose - one is the nature of the offense, which is less about Metcalf as a player. Carroll will always want to run the ball - I mean, they throttled back Wilson's passing back significantly in the second half of the season and that take s lot of potential production off the table. Then you have the presence of Lockett, who seemed to randomly alternate #1 WR weeks with Metcalf, and it just feels like a less than ideal situation. Of course, if consistency isn't something that's important to you (and I think that's valid), then it's fine. The ceiling might be worth chasing. Looking at Metcalf's production, he's always been quite TD dependent, and he went with the offense and really tailed off in the second half too. I do think that some of that is NFL defences figuring out how to nullify him a bit, which I think can be done more successfully than with some other high end WRs. That concerns me a little. More generally, I just don't see how in a ranking or ADP sense why he should be in a tier above any number of other productive, young WRs. There are plenty of options and to me, it's not clear that Metcalf gives you any advantage that is worth the extra cost. Yes he had a great year, and he should be valuable, but where he is being ranked just doesn't make much sense to me given the other options in the same range.
  9. For me he's a really tough call. On balance I think he's worth targeting now because my sense is that the Dolphins aren't inclined to spend valuable capital on a big name RB, either in the draft or FA. I'd estimate there's a greater than 50% chance he's starting next year and the main part of a committee. If you wait until things are clearer he will obviously cost more, so it might make sense if you're RB needy to see if you can get him for a 2nd rounder. It's not much different to targeting Mostert last offseason I guess. The other side of it is that it's a short term play - his profile wouldn't suggest he'll hold a starting job for long - but at RB maybe that's ok. It's mostly a short-term position anyway.
  10. yeah maybe I was exaggerating a bit - for most people probably not. But sometimes a player just needs something positive to sustain value in an otherwise ordinary season and that's going to be the last thing people remember with Jeudy, not the 5 drops in one game or whatever it was. I mean Twitter absolutely blew up after that play.
  11. Amazing what one play will do - I suspect that 92 yard TD will just help to sustain his value over the offseason a bit - i.e. people saw that glimpse and now they can project the ceiling they had in mind before. Not rational, but that's how it works. I had Jeudy nowhere near my top WRs at rookie draft time so he's a big shoulder shrug for me. His cost will likely always be too high for me but that's personal preference.
  12. Couldn't agree more. I love Taylor but #3 is...um...aggressive. Jefferson I don't think is ludicrous because what he did was historic and I personally have some concern with speed guys like Hill as they get older moreso than other WR profiles, but generally I agree. Metcalf for me is the one that stands out - I know he's consistently being ranked this high but I just cannot wrap my head around it at all. If I owned Metcalf anywhere, I'd be selling him for a haul as fast as I could - not because I don't think he's good, but IMO he has some more questions marks than some others here (and below).
  13. I'm old enough to remember when he was a massive bust and Trent Richardson comparisons were getting thrown around. Honestly, the dynasty take/reaction whiplash week to week is kind of ridiculous sometimes.
  14. I'm interested in people's thoughts on why Claypool doesn't seem to have the dynasty ranking hype of some other WRs, especially rookies. Obviously Jefferson's season was something else entirely, but to me Claypool was more impressive than any other rookie WR this year, and arguably has more ceiling than a few other hyped second year guys as well. His QB situation going forward is shaky but you could say that of others too and Juju likely going in FA should open up even more opportunity. Is it just because almost nobody expected him to be this good and so it's hard for perceptions to change? Not saying he doesn't have value because of course he does, but I would have thought an athletic size/speed freak, with pretty awesome rookie production (especially relative to expectation) and big play upside on every touch would be even more coveted. I get the feeling that it will take more from him for a lot of people to truly buy in on him as a dynasty stud, in comparison to some other WR dynasty favourites.
  15. Are some people still ranking DK over this guy in dynasty? Seems pretty insane to me.
  16. Echo the sentiments on Samuel but as someone who targeted him last offseason specifically for his free agency, I’m wondering now whether it would actually be better for him to stay in Carolina. Rhule seems to have unlocked him a bit and understands how to best utilise him (including using him as a runner). That may not happen on a lot of other teams, even if he gets paid. I might add my own list at some point but right now I have to say Jeff Wilson with a shot at a starting job in SF next year is very interesting to me.
  17. Late votes for Brandon Jones and Zach Sieler
  18. Is Dobbins a buy low? I doubt many owners would be looking to sell. He did about what was expected this year and looked good.
  19. Basically his value in the short-term hinges on whether they have the sense to fire Lynn. I'm not sure what the sentiment is around the team, but you can't trust NFL teams to do logical things. If Lynn leaves and they get a real coach in there who isn't beholden to an old-school run game, then Herbert can be a top 3-5 dynasty QB with upside.
  20. yeah, I think Zeke as a 'buy low' might be the biggest fools gold of the offseason.
  21. Rams should trade Henderson if they don't want/need him. What a waste of talent.
  22. I'm really not sure what to do. I think if Allen plays at all, I'll keep Herbert in (other options are Hill and Baker - both feel shaky). I'm less worried about who Herbert is throwing to, more concerned about how he's been turned into a screen passer. This will be a huge Ekeler game. Raiders defense is appealing but you know there's nothing old school Anthony Lynn would rather do than run the ball down their throats all game. Ultimately, the prospect of a high scoring game and Carr potentially being able to keep pace in a projected shootout has me leaning Herbert. The Brees stuff spooks me with Hill and I'm not a huge fan of the matchup. I trust Baker the most (weirdly), but the Giants have been really tough over the past month.
  23. I appreciate the sentiment and understand the concern, even though in this case I don't necessarily agree and actually don't feel that it's painfully obvious why we shouldn't use Owner/Own in this context. This is fantasy football at the end of the day - it's a game and in my view, using this language is not impactful and doesn't represent anything other than a convenient way to express what we're doing. Having said that, like you say, there are alternatives and if people want to use them, that's fine. I'll leave it at that.
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