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  1. In one league I needed 7 points from the Steelers defense, didn’t get it. The Washington game was the only other game they didn’t at least get 7 points in my league. In another league I was down three with Ben and Ebron with my opponent still having Juju and Boswell. I took the L there too. I didn’t watch the game and slept well knowing I had two easy wins coming.😱
  2. I was high on him as well, but I remember a sport illustrated article ( https://www.si.com/nfl/2017/01/13/martavis-bryant-suspension-steelers-marijuana-reinstatement) where he was asked, "Last year, when you were banned, Ben Roethlisberger said you had lied to him. Are you worried about your relationship with your quarterback?" His response, "I’m a grown man and he’s a grown man. I’m not going up to another grown man and explain my business to him. I understand he’s my teammate and I love my teammate and he’s a leader. But I have my own life and he has his own life." Not exact
  3. Oddly, the first time I did on my iPhone, I got exactly 4.46. Then I decided to be more conscious to stop it as soon as he reached the 40 yard line and got 4.33, 4.36, and 4.32. In any case, he is fast.
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