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  1. Gave Antonio Gibson Received Miles Sanders and Darnell Mooney
  2. I'm not a Ridley owner, but I would have given up Ridley in this deal too. I personally think ARob is the better player, so getting the 1st would have made it pretty easy for me.
  3. 1 QB, 12 team PPR Gave - Trevor Lawrence Received - Cousins, Mike Evans and 2022 2nd
  4. 1 QB PPR Flex started 5-21-21 1.01 Chase, Ja'Marr CIN WR (R) 1.02 Harris, Najee PIT RB (R) 1.03 Pitts, Kyle ATL TE (R) 1.04 Etienne, Travis JAC RB (R) 1.05 Williams, Javonte DEN RB (R) 1.06 Smith, DeVonta PHI WR (R) 1.07 Sermon, Trey SFO RB (R) 1.08 Waddle, Jaylen MIA WR (R) 1.09 Moore, Elijah NYJ WR (R) 1.10 Lawrence, Trevor JAC QB (R) (Q) 1.11 Moore, Rondale ARI WR (R) 1.12 Wilson, Zach NYJ QB (R) 2.01 Lance, Trey SFO QB (R) 2.02 Fields, Justin CHI QB (R) 2.03 Marshall, Terrace CAR WR (R) 2.04 Bateman, Rashod BAL WR (R) 2.05 Carter, Michael NYJ RB (R) 2.06 Rodgers, Amari GBP WR (R) 2.07 St. Brown, Amon-Ra DET WR (R) 2.08 Jones, Mac NEP QB (R) 2.09 Toney, Kadarius NYG WR (R) 2.10 Stevenson, Rhamondre NEP RB (R) 2.11 Collins, Nico HOU WR (R) 2.12 Fitzpatrick, Ryan WAS QB 3.01 Eskridge, D'Wayne SEA WR (R) 3.02 Gainwell, Kenneth PHI RB (R) 3.03 Brown, Dyami WAS WR (R) 3.04 Freiermuth, Pat PIT TE (R) 3.05 Palmer, Josh LAC WR (R) 3.06 Firkser, Anthony TEN TE 3.07 Hubbard, Chuba CAR RB (R) 3.08 Doaks, Gerrid MIA RB (R) 3.09 Trask, Kyle TBB QB (R) 3.10 Herbert, Khalil CHI RB (R) 3.11 Mond, Kellen MIN QB (R) 3.12 Timer Expired 4.01 Bryant, Harrison CLE TE 4.02 Fitzpatrick, Dez TEN WR (R) 4.03 Evans, Chris CIN RB (R) 4.04 Granson, Kylen IND TE (R) 4.05 Atwell, Tutu LAR WR (R) 4.06 Hawkins, Javian ATL RB (R) 4.07 Wallace, Tylan BAL WR (R) 4.08 Perine, Samaje CIN RB 4.09 Jackson, Justin LAC RB 4.10 Newsome, Dazz CHI WR (R) 4.11 Hill, Taysom NOS QB 4.12 Mitchell, Elijah SFO RB (R) 5.01 Powell, Cornell KCC WR (R) 5.02 Darden, Jaelon TBB WR (R) 5.03 Uzomah, C.J. CIN TE 5.04 Dalton, Andy CHI QB 5.05 Schwartz, Anthony CLE WR (R)
  5. What is not to love about the landing spot? The 49ers were already a run heavy team and have now drafted a running QB and that only helps the running game. Wayne Gallman leads the backfield in career carries with 338. Gallman could be cut with no cap hit. Mostert's cap hit if he is cut is less the a half million, and they would save 2.5. He is competing with two undrafted free agents(Mostert, Jeff Wilson), a 4th round pick (Gallman) and a 6th round pick (Elijah Mitchell). From a talent perspective, Wilson and Gallman are no threat. Mostert has proven he can play, but he is 29 years old and injury prone. Looking at the landscape, I fully expect him to lead the 49ers in rushing this year. My biggest concern is Mitchell. I had no problem taking him at 1.7 over Waddle who I'm not a fan of.
  6. I considered him at 3.9, but went with Dez because he has an easier path to playing time. Since I own him, I’m hoping Schwartz is more Will Fuller than Ruggs.
  7. He went 2.9 and 3.3 in my two drafts so far. He doesn’t quite have WR1 upside IMO. I expect him to fall somewhere in between Mike Williams and Devante Parker. To me he is not as sudden as Parker, but slightly better in jump ball situations (Parker is really good). I think he’ll be a beast in the red zone, so if he is on a good offense, he’ll be very useful.
  8. PPR 1 QB 2RB 2WR 1TE(1.5) 2 Flex - started on 5-11-21 1.01 Pitts, Kyle ATL TE (R) 1.02 Harris, Najee PIT RB (R) 1.03 Chase, Ja'Marr CIN WR (R) 1.04 Etienne, Travis JAC RB (R) 1.05 Williams, Javonte DEN RB (R) 1.06 Smith, DeVonta PHI WR (R) 1.07 Waddle, Jaylen MIA WR (R) 1.08 Bateman, Rashod BAL WR (R) 1.09 Moore, Elijah NYJ WR (R) 1.10 Lawrence, Trevor JAC QB (R) 1.11 Sermon, Trey SFO RB (R) 1.12 Carter, Michael NYJ RB (R) 2.01 Moore, Rondale ARI WR (R) 2.02 Lance, Trey SFO QB (R) 2.03 Marshall, Terrace CAR WR (R) 2.04 Toney, Kadarius NYG WR (R) 2.05 Brown, Dyami WAS WR (R) 2.06 St. Brown, Amon-Ra DET WR (R) 2.07 Rodgers, Amari GBP WR (R) 2.08 Freiermuth, Pat PIT TE (R) 2.09 Fields, Justin CHI QB (R) 2.10 Hubbard, Chuba CAR RB (R) 2.11 Wilson, Zach NYJ QB (R) 2.12 Gainwell, Kenneth PHI RB (R) 3.01 Stevenson, Rhamondre NEP RB (R) 3.02 Palmer, Josh LAC WR (R) 3.03 Collins, Nico HOU WR (R) 3.04 Jones, Mac NEP QB (R) 3.05 Eskridge, D'Wayne SEA WR (R) 3.06 Jordan, Brevin HOU TE (R) 3.07 Mond, Kellen MIN QB (R) 3.08 Trask, Kyle TBB QB (R) 3.09 Fitzpatrick, Dez TEN WR (R) 3.10 Long, Hunter MIA TE (R) 3.11 Hawkins, Javian ATL RB (R) 3.12 Smith-Marsette, Ihmir MIN WR (R) 4.01 Mills, Davis HOU QB (R) 4.02 FootballTeam, Washington WAS Def 4.03 Terry, Tamorrion SEA WR (R) 4.04 Jefferson, Jermar DET RB (R) 4.05 Harris, Jacob LAR WR (R) 4.06 Atwell, Tutu LAR WR (R) 4.07 Hill, Kylin GBP RB (R) 4.08 Powell, Cornell KCC WR (R) 4.09 Schwartz, Anthony CLE WR (R) 4.10 Nwangwu, Kene MIN RB (R) 4.11 Williams, Tyrell DET WR 4.12 Herbert, Khalil CHI RB (R) I traded a 2022 1st for Lawrence, since I previously traded my own. I couldn't pass up Fields a 2.9 knowing I was going into the season with Lawrence, Bridgewater and Winston.
  9. I took Sermon 1.7 today. I fully expect him to lead SF in rushing this year.
  10. I'm not a Waddle fan. He was the 4th option behind Jeudy, Devonta and Ruggs. I'm a Dolphin fan, and this seems like Ted Ginn all over again. Sermon is in a great situation in my opinion. His competition is two undrafted players. Mostert has 282 career carries in 6 years. Wilson has 219 in three. I'd actually be shocked if Sermon doesn't lead SF in rushing this year, but we will see.
  11. 1 QB PPR flex started this morning 1.01 Harris, Najee PIT RB (R) 1.02 Etienne, Travis JAC RB (R) 1.03 Chase, Ja'Marr CIN WR (R) 1.04 Pitts, Kyle ATL TE (R) 1.05 Williams, Javonte DEN RB (R) 1.06 Smith, DeVonta PHI WR (R) 1.07 Sermon, Trey SFO RB (R) 1.08 Waddle, Jaylen MIA WR (R) 1.09 Lawrence, Trevor JAC QB (R) 1.10 Bateman, Rashod BAL WR (R) 1.11 Carter, Michael NYJ RB (R) 1.12 Moore, Rondale ARI WR (R) 2.01 Toney, Kadarius NYG WR (R) 2.02 Moore, Elijah NYJ WR (R) 2.03 Rodgers, Amari GBP WR (R) 2.04 Marshall, Terrace CAR WR (R) 2.05 Lance, Trey SFO QB (R) 2.06 St. Brown, Amon-Ra DET WR (R) 2.07 Fields, Justin CHI QB (R) 2.08 Wilson, Zach NYJ QB (R) 2.09 Collins, Nico HOU WR (R) 2.10 Eskridge, D'Wayne SEA WR (R)
  12. In one league I needed 7 points from the Steelers defense, didn’t get it. The Washington game was the only other game they didn’t at least get 7 points in my league. In another league I was down three with Ben and Ebron with my opponent still having Juju and Boswell. I took the L there too. I didn’t watch the game and slept well knowing I had two easy wins coming.😱
  13. Gave: Kittle, Reagor, 2021 1st(late, probably 12) Received: Kelce and Julio
  14. Gibson’s offensive snap percentage was 56% compared to 50% for McKissic. Only the 2nd time he has out snapped McKissic. Gibson hasn’t locked the job down just yet.
  15. I drafted him on 2 of 4 dynasty teams last year. Eventually cut him when Detroit got rid of him. Picked him up on all four teams and started him over Kirk in one league.
  16. Gave - Carson, Chark, Amari Received - CMC, Preston Williams, Logan Thomas, Justin Gage
  17. We also see that Mike Davis is RB7 in PPR over the last 2 weeks. The talent gap between CMC and Davis is probably even greater than the gap between CMC and Gibson. If Gibson gets CMC's opportunities, he'll be a top 10 back. However, his usage is just not high enough yet. McKissic has been on the field more than him in 3 of the 4 games.
  18. It definitely looked like something to me. The way his foot got caught causes your classic high ankle sprain. Luckily he was able to get his foot out before it turned all the way over, but it wouldn’t surprise me if it limited him.
  19. I'm interested. What are the payouts?
  20. I don’t have a problem with Gurley or Johnson. They are both on what’s expected to be good offenses. If they both turned in a top 8 performance, it wouldn’t be that shocking to me.
  21. Freeman looked like a shell of himself. He would slow the process, but not stop it IMO.
  22. I could have chosen Ozigbo, but I’ve been on Robinson since before the draft (I was meh on Darrynton Evans), so I chose him over Ozigbo. Ironically, I always felt if the opportunity came Ozigbo would have outperformed Armstead. However it was easy for me to rationalize going with Robinson, because Fournette’s percentage of RB carries was probably only second to CMC. Given that Fournette was considered to be inefficient and underperforming, you would expect that Armstead/Ozigbo would have been given more of an opportunity. I concluded Fournette’s release had more to do with Robinson, than Armstead/Ozigbo.
  23. 12 team PPR Flex Gave Chase Edmonds Received J.J. Arcega Whiteside
  24. I sold him a week after the Superbowl for 2.6 and 3.5.
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