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  1. Given the amount of time he’s been here I think they’d have something more concrete to go off of too. I can’t see a meddling owner who continuously gives full control to coaches to make personnel decisions. I think every coach except Doug got it while Jerry fired one of the greatest coaches there was because of it and never relinquished power.
  2. The Jermane Mayberry pick is the one that always gets me. He didn’t have a bad career and had some good stretches but the circumstances always killed me. For starters we needed a LBer (don’t we always?) and Rhodes said after missing out on Mobley and Reggie Brown that they just couldn’t pass Mayberry up at 25......the next pick was Ray Lewis
  3. The Raiders released WR Tyrell Williams two years into a 4-year, $44.3M free agent deal. He missed last year with a torn labrum. **This is who I meant above, not Terrance Williams 🤦‍♂️
  4. I think it goes without saying that the numbers wouldn’t be as gaudy. Waddle is built better than Ruggs and also has elite game speed.
  5. Agreed. Reagor, Hightower and Watkins last year with Fulgham. Now go get the banger at 6 and add a guy with system experience like a Terrance Williams if he’s cheap and let’s see what Sirianni and company can do with them.
  6. It’s not the popular thing to say now but I still believe Reagor will be good. I also believe Jefferson is good but not as great as he appeared last year. He had a lot going for him IMO.
  7. Chase, Smith and Waddle have all been in the same breath from what I remember. Waddle just had ankle issues this year and kept him kind of off the radar to some. I honestly believe all 3 end up as pro-bowl WR’s
  8. Interesting they have Waddle of Chase. I wouldn’t be necessarily mad but I prefer Chase. I think Waddle and Chase are pretty close with Smith not to far behind. I think WR there is an absolute must. Im curious what they do with Slay. He’s getting older and makes a good bit of money and a lot of what I read seems like we may be more zone oriented like Indy. I don’t know how he’d fit in with that
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