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  1. And I know it’s poor timing because we are in kill Gannon mode but this is pretty good and should reflect positively on him. In a Swartz scheme one of these guys is giving up a 10-150-2 game. “Darius Slay, Steve Nelson, and Avonte Maddox against the Buccaneers receivers (per @PFF). Slay -- 7 targets, 5 catches, 45 yards Nelson -- 6 targets, 4 catches, 38 yards Maddox -- 4 targets, 4 catches, 10 yards No TD allowed.” I believe if the DL plays better we would have been in that game. That’s a unit that can’t afford to not show up and have us remain competitive
  2. Im usually a “go get the QB first and other things later” guy but I’m on board with this now. Snag another QB in the 2nd if you want but the first 3 need to be starting from day 1.
  3. 2022 draft picks: 1st round - 3 (PHI, MIA, IND) 2nd round - 1 3rd round - 1 4th round - 1 5th round - 3 (PHI, WFT, ARI) 6th round - 1 7th round - 0 10 total picks and plenty of cap space to load the roster up
  4. It’s a win-win. I’m happy for Ertz. It would suck watching his last few years stuck on a rebuilding team.
  5. It just makes too much sense to deal him. Hopefully the player that came back to us can turn into someone who can contribute either in special-teams or as depth.
  6. Given his reaction at the end of the game I think he knew. Since we played Thursday and were without Goedert we probably needed him and couldn’t make it official until after the game.
  7. Biggest issue with Hurts outside of coaches not using his skill set properly are his intangibles. He lacks so many key ones it seems which will keep him in that 20-25’ish range of good QB’s. He doesn’t have the arm strength, which is ok to an extent, however, he compounds it with poor accuracy, poor pocket presence and he can’t make it to his second reads at all. These are things that are not usually improved upon at this level. Not to say it can’t be done, but it’s rare. The lack of experienced coaching and overall talent is evident as well, especially when we face the good teams. But I believe it’s more talent related than coaching at the moment. Scheme aside, our DL blew. There’s no other way to say it. They can’t be the unit on that side of the ball that gets their ### whipped and they did tonight. The LBers all stink. Someone mentioned Singelton and his tackles earlier. What that doesn’t show is that he rarely wins at the point of contact. There were SO MANY plays where contact is at the 4-5 yard mark and he’s driven back another 3-4-5 yards. Than you watch a guy like White for TB and he looks like an absolute animal out there play after play throwing guys around. Brandon Graham after the game even said (im paraphrasing) that Gannon doesn’t have much to work with so there’s not much to he can do and I think that’s a majority of it. Look at the play near the end of the game with Epps. He doesn’t even turn around and if he does that looks like it could have been a pick. The cap should be in good shape next year. We need to add a few decent FA’s and nail the draft. If that can be done, we can get into that 8-9 win range as soon as next year IMO.
  8. I completely agree and the answer to your question is Carson Wentz when he had Doug here.
  9. I can’t speak for the Bears but the All-22 is gonna be a disaster for Hurts when it comes out. I understand it’s unreasonable to expect him to complete all of them but he was downright awful tonight. With that said, there’s no reason to just dismiss Sanders the way he does. It makes no sense at all especially when you have a QB who appears to be off his game.
  10. All of these. People won’t admit it, but we are in one right now. This is the rebuild.
  11. Changing gears, I actually feel like todays game will be closer than people think. TB has a slew of injuries and I feel like we match up well with them IF we tackle well. I am curious to see how they use White on Hurts. If they match him up it’s all up to Hurts to use his arm. I can see us leading heading into the 4th before the Brady magic starts
  12. This is the disconnect and honestly I can’t tell why some are flat out dismissive of what lead to his departure. “Straw that broke the camels back” comes to mind. Ben Simmons and Wentz are comparable in that they were drafted too high (to clean), never were the players we like and not gritty enough for this city. Wentz is “mentally fragile” because he dealt with a horribly ran organization, HC, GM, lack of talent and played through numerous injuries. Only in this city is that NOT mentally tough. Oh and he hunts, whatever the hell that means. And can we stop with the “you’re given 100 million and than you quit” nonsense as well? Athletes who are coveted can make decisions that a person in sales can’t. As you can see, he walked away and still had someone want him. Someone who sought him out for employment. If guy want to test this, quit your job and see how many job offers your agent passes along from the people lined up to have you lol Simmons’ is completely different. He actually IS SOFT. His words, actions, everything. if you can look at both of their interviews and actions and come to conclusion they’re even in the same ballpark you’re beyond reason.
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