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  1. He has to go now IMO. He doesn’t fit into the rebuild and you have to see what you have in Goedert for better or worse before he rolls.
  2. Former Lions' 2nd-round pick Kerryon Johnson was claimed on waivers today by the Eagles, per his agent Absolutely love this.
  3. His weight though Thats against: * Derek Stingley (6’1, 195) * Jaycee Horn (6’1, 205) * Eric Stokes (6’1, 195) * Tyson Campbell (6’1, 195) * Shaun Wade (6’1, 195)
  4. Also kind of makes sense when you consider this: Howie Roseman says the Eagles had a Day 2 grade on sixth-round pick DT Marlon Tuipulotu.
  5. Was the extra 6 one we dealt to Washington for the 5 next year? The more I thought about this event the more I’m thinking Donahoe was kind of a ##### at that moment. This guy has been around a long time, had to know camera would be around, and is acting like a baby. He’s a director and needs to be above that
  6. Smith, Reagor, Fulgham, Hightower and Watkins are all locks. JJAW and Ward are definitely on the hot seat.
  7. Per Adam Caplan, everyone in the Eagles front office wanted 4th round pick Zech McPhearson: “the kid they drafted in the 4th round they love. They are very high on this kid, they think they got a sleeper...the whole room was like, this is the guy.”
  8. It’s all gonna hinge on the top 5 and what they become in the next year or two. I like a lot of the guys here and they’re in positions we need contributions from soon. Our OL should have phenomenal depth to start the year. I didn’t know much about Williams of McPhearson but they read well from a lot of places.
  9. The picks so far have been fine. The biggest issue with that small part of the video is that it’s 100% not a collaborative effort. It’s Howie just doing it all and doesn’t care about anyone else. I have no issue with that if these guys can play. It’s just crazy that you have 32 teams doing the “let’s get our fist bump celebration for the networks” and we are the ONLY ones with dissension lol. And all eyes are on Williams the 3 picked before him too. Howie better pray they suck lol
  10. So basically scouts wanted Robinson and Howie wanted a 6 and Williams. We’ll see I guess.
  11. “Howie Roseman says the conversation caught on camera with Tom Donahoe was about losing out on a player picked during trade down (which would be either Aaron Robinson or Alim McNeill).”
  12. “Howie Roseman asked about the video circulating inside the draft room — he said there were a few players on the board at No. 70 when they traded back, a few went, everyone in the room has their favorites, but there's a lot of excitement about Milton Williams.”
  13. Yep. Only happens here. And we need video of Golic butchering Smith’s name (“stud Devonta Davis!!”) before announcing that selection.
  14. Not. At. All. The “confused” look at the end is some #### my kids do when they act like they don’t know what I meant.
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