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  1. It’s not just specific to us. Most of those rumors were nearly a month ago and a lot changed since. What hasn’t changed is that it’s slow and rumors like these generate traffic as much in Houston as they do here.
  2. It’s because after the trade back to 12 there is NOTHING to get the clicks. This is why. He has a better chance at jail and never playing again than he does of being traded to us at the moment.
  3. I don’t even necessarily trust any of them, however, in SF’s case there is zero reason to provide a smoke screen. They gave a good amount to get there presumably with the knowledge of who’s going 1 and 2. Their beats seem to believe it’s for Jones IIRC
  4. They’re both awful at what they do. Kind of goes double for Howie though. When you’re bad at what you do and a control freak your finger prints are on damn near everything
  5. Yep. It’s such a bad look when the guy says no one wanted him and he thought his career was over and we bring him in. It’s nearly identical to what we did with Peters last season. No one wanted him at all and we sign him and play him over Mailata
  6. Writing for a site that requires you to pay or for clicks is the only motivation ($$) that’s needed. Especially when all you’re doing parroting what’s been said by a known tabloid journalist. Without this “story” there is literally NOTHING for them to get you to read after the trade back. This keeps the clicking coming.
  7. That’s a very broad statement in my opinion. The former staffers, how many? Why are they former? Fired with an axe to grind? This is EXACTLY why a name is important. If Press Taylor talks about how much it sucks here versus Frank Reich that’s a big difference in circumstances right? ”From a cross section of departments” = people who more than likely are not in the know and wouldn’t be in high-level meetings. That read 100% like office gossip to me.
  8. IMHO, it’s all the GM now. If you want to blame Lurie for keeping him that’s fair. You see the history with the coaches and players crap on him a lot as well. There’s stuff you can point directly to with him in just about every way.
  9. They won’t have or need anything to “gain”. I’m sure if these guys come from such a terrible place they’d be asked about the environment. There would be “sources” all over the league who could confirm what’s being said, yet there’s none. Ever. All this sounds like to me is that these guys all have the same “source” and some or most of what’s being reported seems like reading the tea leaves more than anything. “They didn’t have confidence in Doug” ”They are too loyal” Uh, duh, ya think? I can’t find my post but right before Doug was fired I said after they fire him, t
  10. Agreed. There’s just too much there for me to believe otherwise. You have known story tellers doing something for clicks. As long as a good story generates clicks and gets your to to pay for a site etc you have to take it with a grain of salt.
  11. There’s many who have worked here and left to do TV and never came close to agreeing with what’s reported here. Look at Banner for instance. He gives experience and what he’s heard and never once has he let on these things are true. Riddick was another and I’m sure here’s plenty I’m forgetting about. It’s the same group of reporters over and over. The main one is one that is very well known for making things up and he’s been doing it for years now. If you’re willing to lie about a picture or “shrine” even when people can see for themselves there just no bounds to what you’ll lie about. T
  12. And look, when you have higher level meetings there’s not 20-30 people there. You’ll have department heads or people who work in that field or subject. They wouldn’t have to look far for the “leak”...
  13. I disagree. Someone who you know is in the know versus someone you can’t verify is a big difference. People repeat things and who knows of what they’re repeating is the truth or simply their version of the truth. When you look at other “hot mess” teams you ALWAYS have a face to the name supporting their story. I can’t recall one person, player or otherwise who left and confirmed any of this ever.
  14. Horn was selected as SECOND team all conference. He wasn’t considered the best in his own conference let alone the field until after his pro-day. Regardless we are in a position now at 12 where the guys we get will have flaws that need to be coached up. I’ll take Surtain, Horn or Smith. Smith is rail thin, Derek Henry is too big, Brees is too small, Marvin Harrison is rail thin etc etc. I don’t care, just be able to play at a high level. That’s the only thing that matters.
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