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  1. Good advice here. Another way to think about it - instead of thinking about each idea as requiring a yes/no decision (all of which are coming up as 'no'), thinking about them as a list where you go with the least bad idea, until something better comes along. Moving ahead with things, even if they end up being wrong for you, allows you to learn more about yourself and to develop skills and credentials that may help you later on even if you switch paths.
  2. Since this is a fantasy football forum, and it's the industry I know best, here's another potential path for you...although the timing is a bit off right now... Get a customer support position at one of the big fantasy sports or sports betting companies. They hire tons of support agents every July/August to prepare for the surge of traffic when NFL starts Generally no specific qualifications for those positions other than maybe passion for sports and decent writing skills and some sort of story about liking to assist others Most of those hires are temporary contract that run till end of year or till the Super Bowl, but the companies try to bring any strong performers on full-time when the contracts end - often in more interesting roles Starting salaries range from something like $40K-$50K depending on location Between FanDuel and DraftKings alone, I'd estimate that 100+ people have moved into other roles than customer support at this point At one of those companies alone, I know of 20+ people who started out as support agents, who are now Director level or higher (not all still with the same company), making $125K-$200K in roles in Marketing, Product Operations, Support, Product Management, Operations, Fraud, Event Management, and probably forgetting some others If you want some additional tips on how make yourself appealing for these roles and some introductions to people involved in hiring at some of the companies, send me a PM.
  3. I think the main points of visiting schools are: As noted by a few people above...figuring out what types of things they like/don't Deciding whether to invest the time to apply to borderline schools Making a decision once accepted No need to visit every possible school. If they're pretty sure they're applying to a school and haven't been accepted yet, really not that much point if it's far from home. Not really related to the above, but glad that my daughter likes to do things in advance and is in pretty good shape with all of her early applications. Can't imagine the stress of trying to get all this stuff done as deadlines approach, especially with all the essays they need to write.
  4. Game isn't on regular tv at all? Thought it was supposed to be on Univision, but looks like they're going to show the Mexico game instead.
  5. Streak now extended to four straight games. Team lost 3-1 to a pretty good team. I think our team mostly played well and my daughter was back to being really aggressive. All three goals felt somewhat preventable - an own goal, a defender caught napping, and a goal against the backup goalie (who plays all second halves) that the starter would likely have stopped. Oh...and finally solved the mystery of why inferior players are being called up to JV. One of them told my daughter that they asked at the beginning of the season and the coach basically said "Cool - you're the shuttlers for the whole season", without having seen anyone play very much.
  6. This is very possibly the explanation. Both inferior players are defenders. None of the top six players on the team are defenders. Among the defenders, I still wouldn't pick one of these two, but it's certainly debatable. In the meantime, they won a game 3-1 yesterday, despite my daughter having a kind of low energy game and despite the team "scoring" an own goal for the third straight game.
  7. Yeah - bananas, gatorade and stretching has seemed to do the trick. Very possible that you're right about the reason for the coach not praising. My daughter definitely tends to perceive slights even where there isn't much reason. She also is more motivated by praise than criticism. That said, the fact that she (and others) have been passed over for inclusion in JV games in favor of clearly inferior players, makes me wonder how competent the coach is at evaluating performance.
  8. Four games since last update. In order, L (5-0), T (1-1), L (5-1), W (4-1). My daughter cramped up really badly at the end of the first two games and in both cases was still having problems walking the next day, but seems to have worked through that at this point. The good news is that she's been playing really aggressively, which is usually a weakness of hers. She's also been involved in a lot of the scoring - assisted on the only goal in the tie, scored the only goal in the 5-1 loss, and had a goal and an assist in the win. Still a bit frustrated that her coach seems to go out of her way to praise everyone else but never says anything to my daughter. And very frustrated that in addition to their best player, the coach is having two players who clearly aren't in their top 6 or 8 play up for the JV team when they don't have simultaneous games.
  9. I hate to think what it would look like if my daughter's freshmen team ever tried to play out of the back. Her travel team is the exact opposite...they went an entire season without punting the ball a couple of years when they didn't have a dedicated goalie. I was shocked how few times it got them into trouble.
  10. Really hoping this isn't great, so I'm not tempted to get Apple TV.
  11. 3-2 loss in Game #2. Biggest takeaway is that I'm even madder than before about how many of the freshmen were moved up to Varsity and JV. We had two subs, and basically have our better players nursing injuries after almost every game or scrimmage. I think the pressure to play through injuries is causing really minor tweaks to turn into lingering problems, because there are never enough subs. And it's not just our team...the team we just played has an even stupider situation, with 22 players on varsity and 13 on the freshman team. Both the school trainer and the freshmen coach have made comments discouraging girls from sitting when injured. I can't imagine that ever happening on either of the travel teams my daughter has played on. And despite all that, the level of play is SO much worse. My wife isn't really a soccer fan, but after watching a few minutes yesterday, her observation was "This is really tough to watch. Why are they all clumped up around the ball? I think I've been spoiled watching the travel team." PS. On the bright side, the team played pretty well and probably should have won. Other team had a goal on a corner kick go into the net without touching anyone, where our backup goalie was inexplicably at the front of the goalie box, and ball managed to miss our three defenders who were positioned behind the goalie. Our best scorer (who excels on breakaways) was stopped by the opposing goalie on two breakaways. And I was proud that my daughter was clearly playing all out at the end and set up a teammate for an open shot in front of the goal in the last few seconds, although the shot somehow went over the top of the net.
  12. Seeing a lot of confusing info on this when I Google it...when do I need to start filling out financial aid-related forms for my high school senior?
  13. I think Vines may be out with some kind of injury. That actually could work to our advantage, as it seems to almost force GGG to put Scally on the roster (along with Bello) for the flexibility to play LB. All the others who have played LB anytime in the past couple of years would be unavailable: ARob, Dest, Vines and Ream. When Richards was getting a bit of playing time for Bayern, I know they used him on the outside for a few games. Was that ever on the left side?
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