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  1. Sargent and Bacon both with goals today.
  2. Good news: Weah, Aaronson and Richards all starting in games at 12:55pm ET. Bad news: All three games are on CBS All Access.
  3. Just created a website to help keep up with schedules of USMNT players' games: https://usmnttracker.blogspot.com/ Feel free to PM (or post here) any errors, missing players or other feedback. Also, in the interests of not being spammy, here's another site I stumbled across that has a similar purpose: https://usmnt.io/.
  4. You think Llanez and Mendez might be possibilities for their clubs to release as well?
  5. Already second guessing myself. Going to switch from Arreola to Weah on the bench.
  6. If you had to pick a USMNT roster today for a must win game, what would it be? Thinking my starters would be... Sargent Pulisic, Reyna, Musah Adams, McKennie Robinson, Brooks, Long, Dest Steffen Bench: Horvath, Cannon, Richards, Yuell, Arreola, Aaronson, Morris
  7. Brooks yellow carded for a foul on Hoppe.
  8. Almost another a few minutes later.
  9. And now a goal for mckennie. The commentators have been raving about him all game.
  10. McKennie and pulisic both started in early games today. Been switching back and forth between the games. Weston has been fantastic. Pulisic has been very mediocre.
  11. It’s Hoppe’s third start. He just started playing striker two years ago. He’s from California. That’s all I’ve got.
  12. Hoppe’s first goal puts Schalke up 1-0 just before halftime!
  13. What do we know about Luca de la Torre? 22 year old, listed as American. Starting for Heracles in (I think) Dutch first division. Game starts in ten minutes on ESPN+
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