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  1. Not sure if this is common knowledge, but since it seems like a lot of you also have kids who will major in engineering, my daughter has been researching whether schools with a requirement of 3 years of Spanish in high school REALLY require it, and the answer in most cases is that they don't. I can provide specifics for a bunch of schools, but it appears that in most cases, they're fine with applicants who took two years as long as they took something else worthwhile instead. In some cases that's specific to engineering majors, in others cases it appears to be general.
  2. Sounds like you and your son are off to a great start with this! E-Z Glider's info seems super-useful...if his friend can get orders for lures on Etsy, so can your son. Removing that one extra step (Search on Etsy->Sale instead of Social Media Post-Website->Sale) might result in drastically higher conversion rates.
  3. Focus on aspects of starting a business that are fun and things that he'll learn from. Do things in an order where he'll take something away from it whether he builds a fishing lure empire that lasts for centuries or whether he quits next week and never earns a cent. I would definitely not waste your time thinking about business type until/unless he starts actually selling a substantial amount. No reason to spend anything and the paperwork is neither fun, nor a valuable learning experience. Ultimately, his success (and a lot of the satisfaction of any small business) is going to co
  4. Really thought there was no way he'd start after going 90 minutes on Saturday and with Chelsea's need to protect a 2-0 cumulative lead giving them reason to play a more defensive lineup.
  5. Charlie Kelman is starting for QPR today.
  6. Googling 'income share agreements' or 'ISA' should have some useful results. They've mostly been used for boot camps and that type of thing, but I believe that Purdue has (or at least, had) some kind of arrangement they were offering. Basic idea is, you don't pay anything up front, and then for the first x years where your salary exceed some threshhold, you have to pay y% of salary. But if you aren't earning the threshhold, you don't have to pay anything.
  7. Wait five years and check back in. I'd expect really big changes to be underway. Some events/changes that I think are likely along the way: a number of well regarded schools going bankrupt and shutting down much more acceptance of non-traditional college experiences (such as bootcamps, community colleges, work/school combination programs) by companies looking to hire people some schools completely eliminating test scores as part of acceptance process, while a few may move towards using some sort of test (probably something resembling AP tests more than SAT/ACH) as the s
  8. Hopefully that thing we just saw was Long's error for the game. Can't actually decide if he messed up or made a nice play...but that was definitely not how he planned it.
  9. I wouldn't necessarily assume that. There are so many companies now where people are comfortable operating remotely, with a lot of communication happening through either email or (more commonly in my experience) Slack. There are also a fair number of companies that are going out of their way to support all sorts of 'inclusion' efforts, and might go out of their way to find a way to make things work for her. Assuming that she's not hesitant to communicate with others in writing, I would think that she just needs to find the right opportunity in the right company. I think the key her
  10. Trying to figure out a good co-op game for my wife and I to play together on iPhone. We played Clash Royale for a while, but I'm looking for something with slightly more depth (or similar level, but just something new), but if there's too much of a learning curve I don't see it happening. Some other games she's gotten hooked on for a while: Ultimate Golf and Cooking Dash. Games I've gotten hooked on in the past: Civilization, Age of Empires. Trying to figure out something that meets in the middle. Two upcoming games that seem potentially good: Diablo Immortal and Northgard (iO
  11. Reynolds on bench today for Rome. Maybe his first game on active roster?
  12. I don't think we've talked about Alex Mighten at all - dual national, currently at Nottingham Forest. Based on this 10 second clip...looks like someone to follow closely: https://twitter.com/UsmntU/status/1363649234520702979
  13. McKennie and Holmes both starting today. Reyna on the bench.
  14. Never been, but paddleboarding there looks amazing: https://www.visitrenotahoe.com/things-to-do/outdoor-activities/stand-up-paddleboarding-at-lake-tahoe/
  15. Maybe get them involved in a fantasy soccer league...might be a good way of making it more fun to follow games. You could even customize the scoring to place a heavy emphasis on the things you want them emulating when they play (stuff like crosses and tackles).
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