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  1. I think Vines may be out with some kind of injury. That actually could work to our advantage, as it seems to almost force GGG to put Scally on the roster (along with Bello) for the flexibility to play LB. All the others who have played LB anytime in the past couple of years would be unavailable: ARob, Dest, Vines and Ream. When Richards was getting a bit of playing time for Bayern, I know they used him on the outside for a few games. Was that ever on the left side?
  2. 6-1 loss. I didn't get to watch, but they have 4 games in the 8 days starting Saturday, most of which I should get to watch...so I'll have more to report about those games.
  3. First game of the season coming up today. My daughter's team lost 5-0 to the same team in a scrimmage, but my daughter and our goalie got hurt in the first half and didn't play much. Also, at least one (I'm guessing more) of the freshmen from our JV team will be dropping down to play with the freshmen today, which should help a lot.
  4. Been thinking about this recently, and it seems as though we'd benefit by using some of our more flexible players off the bench. Having either Dest or Scally available off the bench, potentially lets us avoid rostering both a LB and RB backup. We could achieve something a bit similar with MFs who can play at RB (Acosta) coming off the bench or by having CBs who can play outside (Richards and Ream have both done this in the past) on the bench. Given how bad Acosta and Ream have looked when they played at RB and LB, and that Dest and Adams are likely starters, I'd be very happy if Richards or Scally make the roster as backups and allow us not to carry someone like Vines or Bello.
  5. More important for USMNT than usual, because if we can somehow move up a few spots from our current #10 ranking, I think it would put us in line for an easier World Cup group.
  6. Jerome and Kevin Boateng is one other instance
  7. Easy solution. He goes to UCF. You move.
  8. Guessing that the following are true: Won't be someone who plays in Europe Won't be someone who hasn't been in a US camp this year Won't be someone who is hurt Won't be someone born in 2003 or later Won't be a defender or defensive midfielder Not at all liking the list of players left if those all hold true.
  9. What MLS player on this roster do you think got selected over a more deserving Europe-based player?
  10. Looks pretty good, with two exceptions: As someone noted - Richards should have been picked over Ream Hoppe should be there. I'd prefer him in place of Pefok, but would have been ok with him over Konrad or Weah too (although i'm excited to see both of them play).
  11. This is almost certainly the plan for most games with this roster.
  12. You could take an even broader version of the 'diversity and inclusion' question above...if the company is mostly young, single people who go out drinking after work...how comfortable would someone be who has a family and wants to head straight home? Or if the company is mostly people in their 40s and 50s who have been working together for decades, how would a newcomer in their 20s feel?
  13. I'd take her wishes a bit more seriously given that this doesn't sound like typical behavior for her. I think you need to try to understand why she's feeling the way she is. Was she excited about going when she first made the decision? Did she lose enthusiasm when the roommate situation didn't turn out how she had planned? Or was it not until she started school? Also, could make sense to have her come home for a long weekend soon. She made be idealizing what living at home would be like. A few days with you nagging her about stuff, realizing that with her friends all away at school home isn't so fun, etc. might change her thinking a bit.
  14. One way to avoid 'workplace culture' discussions being vague and pointless is to just go through a series of hypothetical scenarios with difficult choices and attempt to answer the question of "what would we do if faced with this choice?" Once you go through a bunch of those, it's easier to tease out the consistent threads or themes into something resembling a description of the culture you want the company to have.
  15. In other words...kids who are now playing at roughly the same level as all of our 9s.
  16. Oops...should have done my research. Who knows what countries will have issues by then. I assumed that these were coming up a lot sooner than that.
  17. Pretty clean way to end a few of our positional battle controversies... No Sargent at striker. No Steffen at GK (and Horvath if this affects Championship too). No Antonee means we definitely move Dest to the left side. No Pulisic opens up a spot for Aaronson. Is anyone else that matters impacted?
  18. Some surprises and small disappointments in the first week or so of high school soccer for us too... As expected, my daughter is on the freshman team. That's neither a surprise or disappointment. It's where she belongs for now. We thought maybe 5 or 6 freshmen would be moved to up to Varsity and JV, but it ended up being 8. As a result of the above, there are 18 varsity players, 18 JV players and 15 freshmen players. That's a bit disappointing - not a lot of subs, and the talent on the freshman team drops off really quickly. The biggest surprise was that the top goal scorer from my daughter's travel team (who I'd say is clearly among the top 6 or 7 freshman players) was left on the freshman team, presumably because of a surplus of forwards on Varsity and JV...while a couple of defenders who had expected to be on the freshmen team were moved up to JV. End result is that the freshman team has a star striker, my daughter is likely the 2nd best player, there's a really solid goalie, a group of solid travel B teamers...and then a big drop off and few subs. It's definitely going to be a challenge for her, as her skill-set/mentality has generally been to be a complementary player who doesn't really take over games.
  19. From conversations with people, my impression is that there's way more emphasis on winning and way less emphasis on player development.
  20. I think this is a much bigger age group than others. The year ahead of them has really good players, but has struggled at times getting enough players to field one travel team. Not really sure what's happened in past years, and it may be different now because there's a new head coach for the high school team.
  21. Nothing especially noteworthy here, but my daughter made her high school team as a freshman. It turned out that all the freshman who tried out made it, so not much drama there. She'll almost certainly end up on the freshman team, which is where she belongs at this stage. What's interesting is the distribution of kids on the team (which is yet to be sorted among Varsity/JV/Freshmen) - 5 seniors, 12 juniors, 12 sophomores, 24 freshman. She started playing travel soccer at U10 on the 'B team' of the local travel club. Made it onto the 'A team' for U13. Both teams (which operate almost completely independently of each other) have been incredibly stable. A few A-teamers have left for academy teams and a few B-teamers have moved away, but over the 5 years, only 3 girls (combined, from either team whether or not my daughter was playing with them) have quit playing completely. The reason the math works out is that both teams have a number of players from neighboring towns. Seems like the competition to make the high school team as a sophomore is going to be brutal, with potentially 48 returning players competing for spots on varsity and JV (and that's not counting a small number of really good freshman who will likely be competing to move up to JV). Is it normal for high school teams to take almost everyone as freshmen, and then cut a lot of them after they've been on the team for a year?
  22. she wasn't getting enough play time to really improve. Your rec league gives more playing to better players at 8 years old? That seems completely insane to me and I can't imagine being the case at any age in my town. In fact, our experience has been that even the travel teams give everyone plenty of playing time up to U14. Not sure about school teams, since my daughter's middle school soccer 'career' was wiped out by Covid and she hasn't started high school yet. But generally the philosophy seems to be "if there are players who aren't good enough to get on the field, create a new team", whether that's a 'B team' in the sex/age group for travel or more rec league teams or a freshman team in high school.
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