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  1. https://mobile.twitter.com/AdamSchefter/status/1436069932358410241 Signinig Freeman. Freeman, Bell both 3rd down backs. Tyson is the guy.
  2. An owner dropped Kittle. I have Tonyan. If I’m able to pick him up start over Tonyan in Championship week?
  3. I dropped Mike Davis and picked up Wilson to block my opponent. Now I’m sort of hoping he will start Davis vs WFT if he picks him up
  4. If Gaskin activated can't trust this committee. We have no idea how it will distribute plus Breida will get carries. The best scenario in playing a Miami RB for championship week is if Gaskin isn't activated.
  5. For championship week I'm looking at: Buff @ NE TB @ Det KC vs Atl Chi @ Jax
  6. Wow survival pool wipeout week. LAR losing you NYJ and maybe Cinn pulls an upset
  7. Is anyone interested in playing a defense against Haskins?
  8. As stated earlier, Oak D stoinks with Marinelli. What's funny is Lynn's incompetency lead to Bagley's missed 51 yard FG and we got padded stats in OT. Herbert delivers high end QB1 numbers for week 15.
  9. Had no idea. I live in Dallas and only known about him as the Cowboys def coord under Jason Garrett.
  10. Agree with you. Just saying it can still go either way and with Vegas projecting Raiders to win by 3 they agree. But for fantasy we don't care about who wins. We only care that the Raiders will roll out a skeleton defensive with a backup def coordinator on a short week. In fact, part of Herbert's recency bias is the fact that he hasn't been running. I think he should have plenty of running opps tonight. Did you know the Raiders put some defensive backs as linebackers last week vs Jonathan Taylor? That's how decimated they are. FYI who is Rob Marinelli? He was the Dallas Cowboys def coordinator. As a Dallas resident let me tell you he STOINKS.
  11. I think the o/u is still over 50 because the Raiders are rolling out a skeleton defensive, fired their def coord on a short week, Rob Marinelli (interim def coord) did not design this scheme and now he has to run it on a short week. So, the expectation from Vegas is that there will be points as LAC also finds ways to lose. A TNF matchup with no defensive maintains Herbert's outlook even if he loses Allen, who would help in the short passing attack. Ty Johnson and Guyton would upgrade Herbert's downfield shots. If you're a better, I don't see how Raiders are 3 point favorites with this defense. This is a must win game for the Raiders in the playoff hunt + no defense + Herbert's arm = points.
  12. I can't decide between Bills @ Den, Clev @ NYG, Tenn vs Det (if Stafford out)
  13. Considering Hurts over Herbert in my 2 QB league for week 15.
  14. Curious to see what his ranking is going to be for week 15 across the industry.
  15. Not liking what I saw today. Hurts is a better QB for Phi. But he rather tuck and run than throw to TEs. I stashed Tonyan during my first round bye and will use him in week 15. At least with Rodgers there’s a chance at a TD.
  16. Have a first round bye and was contemplating who to play vs Akers or Gaskins week 15. So thankful have Akers.
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