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  1. Is there a list of Layer 1 protocol coins/systems out there? What APY do you get from the Algo wallet? In Exodus I'm getting 4.75%, if I remember right.
  2. https://www.cnbc.com/2021/10/21/robinhood-ceo-vlad-tenev-says-crypto-wallet-waitlist-tops-1-million-customers-.html One wonders what these folks will jump on and buy once this goes live.
  3. DWAC - these, when converted, will convert 1:1 to the company stock DWACW - these are warrants. They typically allow you to convert to the stock at $11/pop (that price may be different for this one), so they are a leveraged instrument. DWACU - these are units. They include both the stock and warrants. Depends on the issue, but they will typically have 1 warrant per 3-5 units. So 100 units will get you 100 shares and 20-33 warrants when it converts.
  4. Obviously I like it and I have a bunch of it. PE right now is 8 (it had a blowout quarter in Q2). V and MA P/E are 46 and 49. DFS is the fourth place scrapper, but with the trend to ecommerce I still like them and the valuation is there even if it cools off a bit. I'm bullish on that whole sector, but do particularly like DFS in the space. Good @Todem question!
  5. I'm bummed, but not hugely surprised. I am sitting on a triple there, so I'm grousing, not complaining.
  6. I'm going to buy in January. Not looking a gift horse in the mouth. The interest on these has far eclipsed any CD or MM account and is 100% safe.
  7. It's the Member's Only of the 2020s. ---- In other news one of my biggest holdings, DFS, is getting smoked today on better than expected earnings.
  8. Cradle series books 1-6 free right now. Great set of books.
  9. More than that this would be a rural tax - those folks would pay significantly more, on average. Of course, for the blue team that doesn't matter - it's flyover country and those people are easily ignored.
  10. They filed today to turn GBTC into an ETF.
  11. Bought some more MTTR warrants. I don't have to convert them until 2027. By that time I'll use them to add a guest house to my island in Fiji.
  12. Between this and the Sec. of Transportation who abandoned his post for 2-3 months (without telling anyone) in the middle of this mess tells you exactly how important the administration sees this issue.
  13. I noted earlier El-Arian (who I always listen to as he's brilliant) thought inflation was not transient. To add: Billionaire grocery store owner - food prices will rise dramatically Paul Tudor Jones - Inflation not transient, biggest threat to our economy.
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