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  1. The actions of our biggest sellers - Amazon, Ebay, etc. are much more concerning and essentially comprise a digital book burning.
  2. I think the point is there are a ton of books that insult the sensibilities of some or many that haven't gotten this treatment - yet. Karl Marx, Nabokov, Machiavelli, the list goes on. This is purely reactionary and the road it goes down is very, very slippery. After all, Dr. Seuss is about as milquetoast as it gets. There should be vanishingly few books that are removed from public consumption (stuff like The Anarchist's Cookbook, for example).
  3. Gotta give him props - that's a nice, tight Catch-22 he's constructed.
  4. This part is dead on. This is a coordinated effort to control what one thinks by controlling what one can say and what one can consume. Challenges to the accepted dogma must be quashed. Thought crimes must be rooted out and punished.
  5. So somehow Mein Kampf doesn't promote hatred and violence, but If I Ran the Zoo does? HFS these people are absolutely bat#### crazy.
  6. Ultimately a system like this needs to be self-sustaining. Any effort like this must end up with enough employment gains to turn net recipients into net contributors to keep the system going. The rest are nice to have, but certainly not must have. Without sustainability it's destined to implode.
  7. We're seeing the snapback at the federal level over unconstitutional abrogation of contracts. CNN article on eviction moratoriums. The legal relief from these contracts are the various bankruptcy chapters written into law. The US govt. blithely abrogating all of these contract types would not just lock up the financial system, but would have worldwide reverberations akin to the US defaulting on US Treasury debt. It's a universally awful idea.
  8. I'm doing what Biden did with his "100 million doses" goal - set the bar at what was already in the cards. In reality I believe we have a real good shot at $3.50. Unless you're in Cali, in which case you're already at $4.
  9. The general public won't see the long term effects of spending like this. Wait until we see $3 a gallon gas. Then they'll turn.
  10. The current trend leads to S&P 780 by the end of the Biden admin. Maybe LHUCKS was finally right...
  11. The Bosphorus is blocked up and ready to blow again?
  12. True - her story is similar in tone and exaggeration to Hillary's recounting of sniper fire in Bosnia.
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