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  1. As I've noted previously, if you want to tax the wealthy it's all about capital gains taxes (and closing the carried interest loophole). Changing tax rules on portfolio loans is another item to close. I don't see anything wrong with adding some more levels to the cap gains taxes. Need to make it so that investing is still attractive (poor people don't invest at a large scale and we need that risk taking).
  2. He's this generation's Bob Hope. That's why he should be kept on. Why would you throw off the guy? By all accounts there is no issue/scandal with him, so he's being replaced for what he represents - love of country, veterans, national pride.
  3. Unabashedly loving your country is a disqualifying attribute.
  4. Just to make sure we all feel old, Jessica McClure is about 35 years old now.
  5. sand101 Sorry, typo! I have some work to do this afternoon, but will be online all tonight. Ready for my thrashing.
  6. Apple is the last company to hold out as the typical company affected here and pointing them out as the epitome of company response is disingenuous. Raising taxes on a grocery store at 3% margin is massively different than the most atypical company out there (AAPL), which is at 70-80% margins. Do this for Kroger.
  7. Taxing corporations is asking the middle class to pick up the tab. Frustrates the snot out of me when people posit that those taxes aren't passed on.
  8. Cheaper than the support they'd need if they were let in.
  9. Democrats are certainly good at this. Re-spin this golden oldie. It was very effective last time around.
  10. I assume you'd get a tax refund. But this kind of thing is hugely extractionary and inefficient. Ridiculous thought to try and do this. Though, tax attorneys and CPAs are salivating. Their work to value and track this stuff will explode. Nothing like more tax compliance overhead...
  11. Ok so to remember this stuff , Shuke invites me as he's white. Correct?
  12. We have an event coming up, Daylight Savings rollback, that kills a number of Americans every year. We have bipartisan support for allowing a move to DST all the time (which would be awesome). But we can't seem to get even simple stuff like this through. Pitiful. Yes.
  13. Oh, also of note is that neither Hunter nor Joe has claimed this wasn't his laptop, nor has claimed that any of the emails aren't his. Hunter did an interview and essentially admitted (through lawyer language) that this is his.
  14. We have confirmation that the FBI is investigating Hunter. So there well may be a forensic examination of the device.
  15. I may lose to everyone else, but I'm gunning for you two. In. I have to remember what my moniker was on chesstime. I'll get back.
  16. Should have done it this morning when my gut said to. But I have sold - 1k gain in a pretty short time. Plowed a bit into ETHE on the weakness there.
  17. The fox confidently declares that all the chickens in the henhouse are safe... Sorry, given their track record I'm not biting on this one. When this was declared we were not limited in supply of these treatments. And since that declaration our numbers have been declining (right on track from what the UK trends showed). So where is all this demand all of a sudden coming from?
  18. That memo to the press sure did go out, didn't it? Lots of talking heads all of a sudden noticing that the border patrol uses horses. As the border patrol said, they do their best to keep folks away from striking distance of these horses. I've seen horses take out plenty of people in New Orleans during Mardis Gras. When I was a teen I had one pivot into me (I was out of the road) and took a flank to the chest. Let's just say I didn't win that one. So I get how much damage a horse can do inadvertently.
  19. There was no shortage of these treatments. The pharma companies have stated that their treatments here have been underutilized. This was a pure power play. Biden DeSantis
  20. So what are you thinking about the uranium market? Seems like a blow off top to me at the moment just looking at the spot price exponential rise. Might be a good choice to ring the register.
  21. At this point I am about as afraid of catching the flu or strep as covid. It's endemic at this point.
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