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  1. Johnny going to bed. Anybody else feel like playing just a casual $ game?
  2. Anyone interested in playing for a few shekels? I'm going to galaxy now for awhile.
  3. Dude one of my notes is from SHANDS, you don't know wtf you are talking about and you need to quit spewing misinformation. Is there a bigger hospital than SHANDS? I will get the vac eventually. But listening to dipships like you are not going to do anybody any good so please stop spreading misinformation. Cheers is BS!
  4. Yeah, but you said "cmon down I'll get you a shot". Uh, pretty much BS on your part and you need to zip it. This is real survival for some of us and not a BS matter.
  5. I hate to say it but you sound like a gov moRon disciple. I'm flashing back to the '70's, "psssst, hey hippie- I know what you're looking for." How can you promise a vac when the medical pros from Gainesville to Inverness cannot get me one? My GI is the lead at Shands and he can't get me one although he has given me documentation stating I need it bad. I'll tell him, well there's a FBG online that can get one, why can't you? I've lived in Juno and Jensen Beach and a trip to Jupiter would be like 3.5 hours for me. Can you get the J/J yet? I like it since you not only need on
  6. Florida Man here. Where is this lockdown you speak of? In Citrus County we are a long way from vaccinating the 65+ and we are one of the oldest demographic counties. All I hear is nightmares of folks trying to get the shots. I'm 62 and immuno challenged and have 2 documents from 2 different doctors stating I need the vaccine asap. Sorry, must be 65. Without getting political our gov is the only one in the country who will not lay out his plan. "We don't need no stinkin' plans"! There are rumblings he's going to lower the age limit to 60 in March but who knows? Half our county commis
  7. Don’t forget Neon Deon or Kosar, or Weekend At- 4 or 5 years ago the vibe was “burn with Bernie” because he all for freeing the weed. Then we had the supposedly radical “Bernie Boys”...who he easily calmed down. ...Bernie is pure of soul.
  8. I can't even find a thread on the most memed man on the web here. The guy is just a true blue beauty! We need a rip roaring young Bernie. From last night on Kimmel: “It’s hard. It really is,” Sanders, who chairs the Senate Budget Committee, told late night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel about tackling GOP efforts to distract from the truth. “A lot of Republicans are decent humans beings. They are good fathers and mothers and everything else,” Sanders said. “But especially under Trump, we have seen this country and the Republican Party move, to my mind, very far away from
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