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  1. I’m happy you won’t be double taxed, Shula is my all time fav coach but today’s remarks by RJ will go down as the most ridiculous things I’ve ever heard from a senatorial leader...probably shouldn’t have raised.
  2. Florida Man to Wisky Man— I see your Ron Johnson and raise you Rick Scott & Marco Rubio... May the most craziness win!
  3. Just fyi, I just posted this DD on Reddit at r/pennystocks a few minutes ago. I did mention this stock to you guys last week: $SRNA (ancillary weed stonk, the last mention here was a month ago that I could find) Surna (SRNA) is one of the most underrated, undervalued, and under the radar cannabis stocks in history. Here’s why: Surna designs, engineers, and sells climate control systems for cannabis grow facilities all over the world. This includes HVACD, Air handling/sanitation, biosecurity, and automation controls. Now, you’re probably thinking “why should I care about a compan
  4. Joe Mammy defeats nysfl2 5-4 https://backgammongalaxy.com/match/6736817/results
  5. Finally seeing a light at the end of the justice tunnel. Tick, tick, tick...XXXL orange jumpsuit coming up.
  6. Nice work there. Any idea when the next pairings come out?
  7. SMH, wind delay? I hope they all receive a participant award... 32 mph gusts and you can't play golf? That's not even blowing yet.
  8. My cat has killed adult rabbits and adult squirrels. He has never gotten his mits on a crow afaik.
  9. $5 a point? You trying to hustle me there Rockefeller? I'll play you for $1 a point with settlement @ $50. Let me know when it's convenient to play for an hour or two. I'll pm you my info.
  10. Why is it in all of these pics of him cruising through the airport he's by himself? I heard his wife is a real looker.
  11. You need a gentleman's agreement. Just play away at a 25 game match (max on galaxy) and keep track. When one player reaches 25 just start over. Keep an ongoing tab. I have a gentleman's agreement with my bookie. When you reach up or down $500 you settle. Do the same here. Reach a threshhold, say $50 and then play for an hour or two or marathon whatev. Then when one side reaches $50 you settle through Paypal and then play on if so desired. Just play an agreed to amount, say $1 a point with the cube, gammons, backgammons and play on. I used to play the same 2-3 guys for $1 or $2 a poi
  12. Very interesting radio interview on NPR regarding the Rush Limbaugh legacy
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