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  1. Who says it's false? I see quoted above from Donald J. Trump with no links, no merit and no sense. Where did they come from?? I'm just adding on to you guys Donald quotes. Where do they come from?? LMFAO
  2. Donald J. Trump 4:46pm May 12, 2021 Liz Cheney says I'm telling the big lie. Has there ever been a better or bigger liar than me? Please send your donations to: The Rubes of Donald J. Trump (we prefer bitcoin).
  3. KW is unique in many things. The #1 thing to do that you cannot do anywhere else is the Dry Tortugas and Fort Jefferson. 6 of us took the seaplane out, it is well worth the coin. You'll beat the boat by hours and have more snorkel time around the fort. Plus, the seaplane flys low and you see lots of cool stuff. Everyone has a headset and they play rock music and the pilot will cut in when he sees something or flys over a shipwreck. We saw very large sharks, turtles, dolphin pods, manta rays and miles of beautiful green/blue water and reefs. Snorkeling around the fort perimeter is great, tons o
  4. I've been playing pickleball all over the state. I look for free public parks with at least 4 courts. Key West had one of the most interesting. They have a new 6 court facility near Higgs Beach with covered bleachers. What stood out to me was the locals were popping beers in between games at 9:00am. It's the only courts I've been to for morning play with alcohol. Gotta love KW!
  5. We would not even know the variant numbers if moRonness had his way. The Orlando Sentinel had to sue the FL Dept of Health in March to get the numbers released. Of course the data that is released comes from the gov's slotted monkey who replaced Rebecca Jones. So just another day in the sunshine state.
  6. Rock and Roller Coaster...Wife and me made our way through a 30 minute zig zag and finally arrived at the seating area. My wife asked the attendant, "does this go upside down?" "Yes." She slipped out a side door and met me at the exit. I rode with the band solo. We still laugh about it.
  7. Is Rory facing 6 with a playoff with Ancer?
  8. We went to the 2015 Valspar and loved it. Spieth won and JT was just getting started. We also followed Reed who was another youngster still untarnished. You can get very close to the players. Just got some late action on Mitchell (6-1) and Hovland (18-1). The wind is whipping, anything can happen on the back 9.
  9. Everest is good as long you don't mind going backwards. Flight of Passage is the NUTS! We got in at 7:20 rope drop on an 8:00-8:00 day and rode the FOP twice with no wait. It. Is. AMAZING!
  10. Have you ever been gyped? You know, like when you bought 1000 army men from the back of the comic book and when they came they were super thin and crappy? Gypsies gotta gyp.
  11. Didn't read it did you? There's no shots I noticed. This is what I noticed: "In hyperpartisan times, such neutrality is an exception. Though he is somewhat estranged from the Republican Party and has called Mr. Trump “the worst president ever,” he has championed moderation and looking beyond party. The Democrat he defeated to become governor, Mr. Davis, he now considers a friend." Arnold and the Two Mules for the Win!!!!!
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