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  1. Talked to a friend of mine today at the pickleball courts. First time he's been back in many months. He had covid, was in IC on a respirator for 17 days. His wife had it too but no symptoms. Neither one has had a vax. He told me that the vax is dangerous. Then he told me that his wife and he soak a q-tip in iodine and stick it up their nostrils twice a day to prevent further infection. He told me he could send me a pic with instructions if I was interested. I told him no thanks, I'm not sticking anything up my nose. And btw, I've had 3 Moderna vaxes. Then he proceeded to tell me about Hunter Biden's latest sins. Unfortunately, this is a very true story.
  2. If Miami does not tap the receiver down with 1 tick left on the clock there is no doubt this game ends in an overtime tie. 2 huge stinker teams.
  3. I'm 63 and I still go down to the crossroads. I'm collecting SS, working as a well fed artist and still ponder future aspirations quite often. I will say this, you're way ahead of me- when I was a 29 I was managing a Hooters in Jax. FL!
  4. Yep, it's good that I now have the peace of mind that it was a very small "mass" that the doc could not pinch off. She said it was so small to just watch it and if it gets bigger or seems to be aggravating him bring him back and in and they'll knock him out and excise. And clean his molars. On another note I did discover that Whoa Black Betty Bam a Lam McNulty is a rare pure breed Bombay (no parental history for full confirm). When we moved to our new house 7 years ago he showed up out of the woods about 6 months after we moved in and worked his way into the household after we had him cleaned up and fixed. They estimated he was less than a year old. We guess that someone abandoned him as he knew all about a can opener after he moved in.
  5. <Chuckie>Hey Tirico! Hey Tirico, where are ya?</Chuckie> Tirico weighs in: “I should weigh in a little bit here because I was with Jon at that time, seven years as my partner on Monday Night Football. I probably know Jon better than anyone in the league on a personal level. He said already that he was ashamed by the comments in the e-mail. The comments in the e-mail are wrong. But, my experience kind of parallels Tim Brown, who played for Jon and is a Hall of Fame receiver. He said he never experienced or saw anything that would say Jon was racist in any way. That is exactly the experience I had in seven years of traveling, three days together on the road every week.”
  6. Question for indoor only cat guys: How often do you take them in for a vet visit? I have a 7 year old I'm taking in tomorrow to have a weird scab that won't go away looked at. He had all his initial vax and boosters a year later but we've had no reason to bring him back in the last 5 years. I'm wondering if they'll press me to give him more vax/boosters and not sure I want him to get another kitty leukemia booster.
  7. At the time I did not know such a ridiculous rule existed and it was a live frustrating moment of a very intense game.
  8. Unfortunately, the rule is terrible and needs to be changed. The two bases need to be awarded at time of crossing out of the field. Not reverting to pitch contact. There were a couple other egregiously bad calls- Margot's steal at second and obstruction of Arozarena rounding first when he was tripped. Not too mention the heinous plate expanding strike zone. That's ok. Rays ain't done. Not our first rodeo up on the ropes.
  9. So a ball bounces off the wall then off Renfroe's chest back over the wall. Yandi Diaz rounded third and more than halfway home. He has to go back. That is a total travesty and should be the worst embarrassment of the year for the horrific umpiring we've endured this year. Get rid of these fat ####s!
  10. He's working pretty hard now to get everyone vaxed: Biden, Awaiting an OSHA Rule, Urges Companies to Require Vaccinations Biden Urges Private Employers to Require Covid Vaccines Biden says vaccine mandates are the only way to defeat the virus. The White House says it will spend $1 billion to increase the supply of rapid at-home tests.
  11. Heard a great interview with him on Howard. Buying the new book.
  12. That's a handsome young guy. I'm in between doggers and debating adopting another, I want an old guy that nobody wants from the shelter...
  13. An old man popped in on me the other day too. It was me in the mirror. I took the dough and didn't look back.
  14. Midnite Mass is leading us to Halloween. As a raised Catholic I was terrified by the Exorcist when I read it at a young age and then saw the eventual movie, also terrifying. When we started watching the series I told my wife, "uh oh, a religious horror 7 part series? I don't know if I can make it." Well, if you can make it through 3 episodes you will not look back. The acting is superb. It's scary. It's cerebral. A light bulb will go off and you're like, WTF? It does have some slow moments of long dialogue but the ending of each episode has killer rewards.
  15. Take the $40K. Tell the wife you have a mission in Vegas. Report back later.
  16. I rock the house and my soul with this on electric guitar.
  17. Since his tax returns are still quarantined how does Forbes even formulate his wealth? Take his word for it? If that were the case he'd easily be #1.
  18. He speaks from his soul. And it's good comedy. The dude admits his problem is with whites. I'm white. I laugh my ### off at his stuff.
  19. I like Maher and agree with most of his stuff. I hope his closing line does, "scare the #### out of you."
  20. Not me. I don't have any understanding of Biden screwing this up. You are totally wrong here my fellow FBG. I don't blame Fauci, he's trying to do his job. I blame the one above who directly lied to me and you and did his best to squelch Fauci with brilliant quips like this, "It's like the flu. No big deal. Gone by Easter." "It’s going to disappear one day, it’s like a miracle, it will disappear.” “A lot of people think that goes away in April, with the heat, as the heat comes in, typically that will go away in April.” “Now we know it. It affects elderly people. Elderly people with heart problems and other problems. But they have other problems, that’s what it really affects, that’s it.” He added: “But it affects virtually nobody. It’s an amazing thing.” "I see the disinfectant, where it knocks it out in a minute, one minute, and is there a way we can do something like that by injection inside, or almost a cleaning?" “Because you see it gets in the lungs and it does a tremendous number on the lungs, so it’d be interesting to check that.”
  21. We had great seats right behind 3rd base in the front row. When Randy was on 3rd for some absurd reason Devers did not hold him close, for that matter he was over in the shortstop hole. For 3 pitches I told my wife that Randy could easily waltz in. He was going more than halfway to the plate with his lead. I saw him look at 3rd base coach Linares with puzzlement like "damn, this is too easy." Linares actually nodded to him. Then he took the plate like the post season monster he is. It was so fantastic! Also, I have to mention that Alex Verdugo is a fine young man full of class. Right before the game started he came over and signed autographs for the kids. One kid didn't have a ball and all he had was the towel handout. He asked Verdugo to sign it. As he was signing I said, "you do realize that is a Rays towel." He laughed. I told him, "Good luck tonite." He replied, "thank you sir, you have a good night too." And I did.
  22. Neighborhood watchman of the year!
  23. So he changes his platform as the data rolls in. He's trying to be responsible. Did you see the arm on the guy? Obviously a baseball stud. What's the big deal?
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