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  1. Cmon, fingersnap. Fall apart. I've got a field bet in that will pay handsomely with BVP or Higgo.
  2. Just got BVP @ 14-1, he's only 1 back and charging!
  3. I always think of John Wayne falling off his horse in True Grit. DOUBLE SIXES! ARRRGGGHHH!
  4. I started it last night and reading it right now. I’m 28% in and haven’t killed myself yet. Very impressed! Loving it!
  5. With my luck I'll draw a group 2 player for my next match and spend the rest of my life waiting for it....
  6. Wait till Sunday and take whoever is in striking distance with good odds. I got PC when he was down by only 1 @ +350!
  7. It does come with a certificate of authenticity.
  8. Unfortunately I missed this post when it was a freebie. However, I just contributed $4.99 to the FBG author cause and will read it soon. I have a friend who's an author. He gave me his first book to read and it didn't work for me because as I read all I could hear was his voice in my head like he was reading it aloud to me. I couldn't finish it (I didn't tell him).
  9. I thought Colin was away. Nice putt PC.
  10. Are they gonna just keep replaying 18?
  11. My Colorado story. We flew into Denver and stayed at a brand new Kimpton a short walk from the train station in the city. After checking in my first stop was a dispensary around the corner from our hotel. I bought some disposable vape sticks. Later that night we were sitting at the hotel bar and met a nice couple sitting next to us. Turns out he was a hemp farmer and a former medical marijuana farmer. He told me the regulations made growing hemp much more profitable for him but he used to compete with his strains at events. Then he told me he pioneered Gorilla Glue. I was like, "get out!"
  12. Scottie seems destined to be the bridesmaid again.
  13. I've answered. No weasel. For the third time: So I believe after reviewing the evidence that her claims about goober have validity. If you took the time to read the evidence you would have to agree. You obviously won't read it. So I'm done with you. Have fun poking sticks with your head buried in the sand.
  14. Yep. Total irresponsible stupidity. How many other non vaxed tour players are out there?
  15. Again. How many times do I have to spell it out for you? Please read the article. The Miami Herald offers a free read of the evidence holding article complete with tweets and text messages. So I believe after reviewing the evidence that her claims about goober have validity.
  16. I guess you wish to stay unenlightened. In the article the Miami Herald has irrefutable evidence of mishandled numbers by the FDH. It does mention her previous run-ins with the law and points out she has never been convicted. It also has text messages between the Dem who just came forward and her. He is obviously terrified he will lose his job if he doesn't back goober. So I believe after reviewing the evidence that her claims about goober have validity.
  17. The difference is when baked I do not stop eating it until it's all gone. That is why I only buy 1 gallon at a time.
  18. My usual: Jack Steak, Jack Shake, Jack Fry and a Jack Pie.
  19. Just finished "We Begin at the End" by Chris Whitaker. NY Times bestseller, top 10 for a long time. I waited 6 months to get it from the library. As I try to piece my emotions back together I can only reflect that this is one of the best stories I've ever read. It combines elements of John Irving, John Grisham (when he was good JG) and Stephen King for the way he can bring to life adolescents and youngsters. If you're not sure if you have a heavy heart, read this and weep like a baby. Not only are the characters extremely captivating there is an excellent murder mystery thrown in.
  20. We've been on about a dozen cruises. All out of FL except one in NOLA. I personally will be steering clear of RCL as I prefer a fully vaccinated ship and that will be our only choice if we ever decide to board again.
  21. Did you read the article of enlightenment?
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