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  1. Wow. Miz deserved better than that. The running away to get counted out was fine, but the 'stomach cramps' (and implying he shat himself when Lashley attacked him) was bad even by WWE standards.
  2. That's what I did with my son when he got his truck. I just made it clear that if he was ever late with a payment (car or insurance), well, i have a new truck. Its been two years and I haven't had to worry about it yet.
  3. I disagree. They've built up Lashley as a killer this past year and MVP as his manager has been $$$. In fact, I've really liked the Hurt Business as a whole.
  4. Like I said, it couldn't have been easier. We were on the phone with Disney, they did some leg work and they're system wasn't showing the availability @glvsav37 was. He booked it, it went through and Disney made the alterations as needed to the people associated with the room. I got the confirmation number and paid glvsav37 via PayPal. Easy, peasey.
  5. Damn, never considered wheat pennies. As an aside, you know you've been at the FFA for a long time if you get that joke.
  6. I was talking about this very thing with a friend at work today. If you have a fat contract and are over 30 (or close to it) you're gone. It's all or nothing with this.
  7. That's what paypal is for. *edit* Wife's paypal at that.
  8. Fantastic transaction all around. Could not have possibly been easier.
  9. A friend on my FB feed put that he thinks Miz will lose the title to Bad Bunny. WWE isn't that stupid, right? They can't possibly think that would be a good idea after WCW crashed and burned with that 20+ years ago with Arquette.
  10. I see it now. One thing I've learned over the years from watching the draft: never underestimate how high a QB needy team will reach for their 'savior'. It's happened again and again over the years and it seldom ends well.
  11. Yup. From what I've seen/read there is little chance he drops out of the top ten. In fact, there are rumors Atlanta likes him at their pick.
  12. I'm not sure anyone was under the impression that Hurts is the answer. If it were me, I take the best o-lineman in this draft, because I'm a believer in building from the lines on out. I don't think the Eagles will do that though.
  13. So, I'm sure this means the Eagles take a QB now. Maybe trade their first and second to move to Miami's pick? Stay put and take a chance on one of top 4 qbs drop? Take a different position?
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