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  1. I noticed this too. I don't know if they're not properly maintaining the rides due to cost or lack of staff, but the rides in Magic Kingdom seemed to break down if you looked at them cross eyed.
  2. Am I the only one who really hates this Becky heel run? If they're not careful, they're going to ruin her too.
  3. Well, on my way home from our trip (thanks @glvsav37). We had a great trip all in all. We arrived Sunday at about 12:30 to the Polynesian. I did the online check in so we went directly to the room. The room wouldn't open so to the desk we go. We only waited a few minutes when we were waved over by two different cast members. We went to the first one and I immediately wished we didn't. She was the most miserable cast member I've ever talked to. Anyway, the problem was fixed (my credit card was flagged since it was run in Florida and I'm from DE) and we got to the room. We went to Disney Springs so the women can shop and I can get drinks. Had dinner at the Boathouse and it was fantastic. We will definitely be back again. After dinner, we got dessert at Ghirardelli and went back to the resort where we went to the pool and watched fireworks from the beach . Great first day. MK was Monday and I almost had a heart attack when I saw Main Street. It was packed. Turned out it was the scalpers hitting the stores getting 50th anniversary stuff to flip on ebay. We hit every ride we wanted and the posted times were always much lower than the actual time we spent in line except for Splash Mountain. That was posted at 40 minutes and it was every bit of that. Mine Train was posted at 60 minutes, it only took 35. We ate at Casey's since that's my daughter's favorite quick serve and left after that. Tuesday was animal kingdom and it was great. Zero crowd, and everything was basically a walk on. We got through everything so quickly we actually left at 4:00 because we didn't have any wait times. The one nit pick we had was the Festival of the Lion King show. How the hell do you get rid of the flying monkeys and Birds of Paradise? Very disappointing. Wednesday was a day of rest. We had breakfast at Ohana and dinner at Raglan Road. Both were fantastic. Raglan Road is soooo under-rated. In between the women spent more money at Disney Springs. Epcot was the last day and, again, lines were awesome. Soarin and test track were walk on. The only ride that I saw with a wait was Frozen. Dinner was at San Angel in the Mexican pavilion. Absolutely terrible. This was the third time we've been there and the first time we were disappointed. We should have hit Via Napoli. The big disappointment for me was not being able to go to trader sams. The wait times were ridiculous but, even than, it was even longer than the quoted wait time. Oh well.
  4. I was wondering when this was going to happen. It was only a matter of time. My family is good, but I'd imagine there will be a lot of backlash over it.
  5. I m glad for that. It's so much easier than waiting for the boat. They aren't on a set schedule, so it can be a mess. We were just planning to walk to MK.
  6. When I worked at a desk and had more free time, I had no problem being commissioner. Now I simply don't have the time anymore.
  7. That was the shtick of the What If comics back in the 90's: take a story and twist it like a pretzel. The running joke was how they were going to kill Spider-Man this month (and there were some doozies). Hell, the 'What If the X-men lost Inferno' story was so dark that they showed Wolverine eating a baby because he embraced his animal side. They were fun reads though.
  8. Talent wise, I like Hopkins the best, but I'm not really feeling him this year. I'm going with Metcalf, Ridley, Hopkins. You can't go wrong with any of them though.
  9. Najee Harris. I'm at the end of the round in all of my drafts this year and I see myself getting a lot of shares of him this season.
  10. Bummer. I was holding out hope it would be available when I go to the Poly later in the month.
  11. I'm not sure why we didn't get the gift cards. Maybe it was because my complaint came after the fact via email. We were in the same boat as you though: we had a large group, three rooms for 11 people. They ended up giving us 3 or 4 nights free for each room.
  12. When they were doing construction a few years ago, you're right, it was terrible. We had such a bad experience with construction right outside our rooms that they comped us free nights at a later date. Otherwise, we really like it. We stay there and Coronado the most out of all the hotels on property.
  13. I agree, it's just another option now that I didn't have before.
  14. CB is great, a definite upgrade over ASM. Never done the skyliner, but the resort is top notch.
  15. Hmm, now I have an actual decision to make for my second keeper: Robinson or Gibson. Before it was Gibson hands down.
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