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  1. The reservation system is all kinds of wonky right now. When I made reservations qt Maria and Enzos on Sunday for our Wednesday dinner, the earliest available was something like 6:30. When I looked again the day of the reservation, it gave me a 5:00 option. When we actually got there, it was the same thing you experienced: crickets. There were, literally, three tables taken. When we left there were maybe 10.
  2. I can understand most of the releases, but the Iconics one is a head scratcher. They were passable in the ring, had decent mic skills and were the tag Champs just last year. Plus Peyton Royce is hot as hell. Figured Vince would keep her around at least.
  3. My thoughts too. I've enjoyed some of them (Paddlefish, Boathouse, STK) but have been disappointed more often than not. IMO, the resorts and Epcot are where the better restaurants are.
  4. Rumor is October, just in time for the 50th anniversary celebration.
  5. My wife, daughter and I were visiting my parents in Islamorada and, of course, we had to hit something Disney on the way back. Because of how things fell, we decided to just hit Disney Springs and I drank while they shopped. Anyway, pretty good day all told but, I have to say, I was really disappointed in Maria and Enzo's. I've heard really good reviews, but I just didn't see it. The lasagna I got was good (not great), my wife's chicken parm was middle of the road and my daughter's ravioli was mediocre at best. The ravioli had enough pesto on it to choke a horse. I love pesto, so I swi
  6. My kids are older (older than yours) and they love Blizzard Beach and Typhoon Lagoon. Highly recommend.
  7. This was one of the worst episodes of raw I've seen in a long time. It was terrible.
  8. Night two was really hit and miss for me. Loved the women's match after they really got going and the main event. The Seamus match was OK too I guess, but the rest was just dumb. After the Orton/Fiend match I nearly turned the thing off it was so terrible.
  9. I agree with the premise of his post, Belair is a perfectly fine performer and great athlete. No doubt about it. That being said, Sasha carried that match. Belair just doesn't interest me at all. Give me Banks, Bayley, Rhea, Charlotte, Asuka, Lynch, Io,, or Bazler any day. Heck I'll even take some of the NXT women over her.
  10. Watched night one of WM and, while I liked it, it seemed underwhelming. 1. Lashley winning was probably right for business as he needed that big win since he beat a lame duck champ in the Miz (and I'm a Miz fan). 2. Tag team turmoil was a miss. I would have liked them to maybe have pulled the trigger on a Riott Squad win to establish them a bit. 3. New Day vs AJ ans Omos was.....odd. ND played the heels and, while the match was fine, I'm not used to that. 4. Hated Braun and Shane. Might have been the dumbest buildup to a match ever and this is coming from a company who ha
  11. It was only a matter of time for this. Heck, even when my wife and I went by ourselves last November, a disney photographer let us sneak a picture without a mask and they were really cracking down at that time.
  12. I agree about hitting defense hard. They are old and, frankly, overpaid. That being said, their offensive line is awful. The qb,whomever that may be, needs time to do something, anything. They were getting murdered last year.
  13. Well, supposedly Slay would cover the best wr at least. They do badly need help in that secondary though, I obviously agree there. I honestly think they just need help up and down the roster. I would rank the need as OL, CB, LB. I take the best player from one of those positions and go from there.
  14. My counter is: for how many years has the opposing TE totally decimated the Eagles defense. For as long as I can remember, the Eagles just get torn up in the intermediate routes.
  15. With Carolina getting Darnold, I'm wondering if they could trade down a bit to recoup some picks. Perhaps, if Fields drops as has been rumored , Philly could trade back up? Not sure the actual cost (looking at the calculator it's only a 3rd, but there might be multiple teams trying to move up) but it would be worth looking at it.
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