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  1. i stayed at a motel 6 one of the years, so take my opinion with a grain of salt, but our main goal was affordable lodging if he’s getting there prior to post of race 1 and staying through the end he really shouldn’t have an issue with transportation / parking, so probably opens him up to a bigger radius of hotel options Indiana side is definitely in play too
  2. Oh i know you like to bet, my recommendation is if you are driving and parking or taking a cab/Uber is to stay and play the 2 races after. All the derby day crowd will clear out and only the true degens will be around so traffic will be much lighter by the time you leave
  3. I’ve been twice (super saver and I’ll have another). one was for a bachelor party and the other time was basically just a drunken guy’s weekend (was actually supposed to be a couples trip but several of the wives came down with a bout of pregnancy and it was down to just my wife and my buddys wife who barely knew each other so we convinced them to stay home) anyway start looking at hotels now, they may not be up yet but should be soon. I’d say anything within the loops is fine (I think that’s the nickname for the freeways that run around the city) I used to go on business a lot too
  4. I still remember when ETH was trading at $20 and thinking “maybe I should buy some “
  5. Honestly at this point just end all restrictions If you’re vaccinated, great if you’re not, you’re probably not going to anyway If you still want to wear a mask, great if you don’t, fine, don’t wear one
  6. My wife is unfortunately anti-vax. I did convince her to get shot 1, but she won’t get the 2nd one. It’s caused some arguments and I keep telling her this is going to cause us some unexpected inconvenience down the road, but at this point im not expecting anything to change My 12 year old called her a Facebook Scientist yesterday, that was a literal LOL moment
  7. I have tickets from last year, planning to wait until it’s “back to normal” to re-book we originally had a 3 days Universal / 3 Days Disney trip planned. May just end up doing a shorter Disney trip when it’s all said and done Still sucks sitting on like $2K worth of tickets I can’t use anytime soon
  8. Apparently Doge Coin mining is ok for the environment though. What a huckster this guy is
  9. Oh I also have a bunch of golf matchups I tailed from some dude on Twitter and small win bets on Fitzpatrick and Wise
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