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  1. Can’t remember if I posted before I got banned or not but a few months ago I found out our local dispensary is just inside the radius for home delivery never thought I’d see the day that I could get legal weed delivered right to my front door
  2. Latest defense is that it ate some hay that one of the grooms who had been taking cough medicine pissed on
  3. Almost went flawlessly yesterday, but then I decided to share some unflattering pics of my wife that everyone laughed at (backstory: I take random pics of her when she isn’t playing attention. Yawning, eating pizza, sleeping, things like that)
  4. My wife and I have pretty much stopped buying greeting cards for things, but of course she asked me where the cards for our moms are. Luckily we had ordered carryout and the dollar store was on the way so I got some cards will make quiche tomorrow for brunch. Little one has a soccer game then our moms will come over. I’m making risotto and chicken and shrimp scampi for dinner. Also gonna try making some homemade Ammoglio since I forgot to hit the local Italian market before they closed (she’s only had this once but apparently keeps raving about it) she also mentioned she wanted a
  5. Going here in a week, any good rarities I should try? Probably won’t splurge on any $50 pours but will do some mid range stuff I’m sure it’s overpriced but it’s a tourist town so it is what it is https://imgur.com/gallery/59H8f4l
  6. I often wonder if it could have worked with a group of players that weren’t a bunch of career losers and only had exposure to Caldwell Country Club style of coaching
  7. Bounty is our preferred, Brawny is our backup (bounty out of stock, good sale, etc). Will go store brand occasionally. Viva is the worst, has a weird smell TP I prefer the charmin sensitive (green package) with Quilted Northern purple as a backup. Hate Cottonele
  8. Shot in the dark but I think there are 2 options for displaying the forums. The one on the left I have circled is fine, the one on the right made my phone not load. I forgot how I had to fix it it, but check that. I might have had to log in on desktop to fix https://imgur.com/gallery/PtsyQ0K
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