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  1. Let me guess great deals on their spying devices and a bunch of crap nobody wants
  2. He’s was kinda tolerable last year, thought he had grown up a bit. He’s been back on ignore for a bit now
  3. Huh we have several versions in my area but probably because they’re so popular for coney dogs
  4. Ok used an MGM parlay boost on this England -350 / Yankees -145 / Hawks-76ers o221.5 / Angels -200 pays +570
  5. I’m sure it’s a fine hotdog but I’m not sure it’s anything I would go out of my way to get
  6. Yeah I like what I’ve seen of Mize. Not sure he will be a true Ace but certainly a solid 2 or 3 wasnt Parades a SS or am I misremembering?
  7. Also why can’t these guys just drop a bunt down the 3B line when the shift is on?
  8. Lack of sticky stuff was why Glasnow blew out his elbow apparently
  9. Singles and Parlay Tigers white Sox As Padres / Rockies o11.5
  10. Pretty much, although I was a bit higher in the heat like 275-300 range i think mine were labeled beef spares or maybe just beef ribs
  11. So I’ve always hated slot machines, but awhile back they had a promo like bet $10 get $10 in credits and I ended up hitting for like $350. Ever since I’ve kinda liked the rush of hitting a big score. I think in a real casino I’d lose interest pretty quick but with mobile I can get some quick plays in
  12. was a huge fan as a kid, pretty sure I had every toy unless there was something rare or obscure I’m unaware of
  13. DK has a bunch of promos on Pride Blackjack this month, was on a heater and kept doubling up then they did me dirty pulling a 3 card 21 on my 20. Forgot how much I had out there and doubled up next bet $200 hand I pull a 20 and they also flip a $20. Got out of there before I did any worse Just had a nice run at MGM on slots and blackjack though
  14. Not stoner food but I made it while high Cheesesteak and Duck Fat Potatoes
  15. Also that’s probably a good modern Seinfeld episode “Jerry needs to download a new app for restaurant reservations with his date but he’s out of space and doesn’t want to delete anything”
  16. “Mind if we track your activity across all your other apps?” yes…#### off
  17. It varies. She hardly goes anywhere without me ill do an occasional guys night out every few months. Once in awhile a longer weekend trip of something like that Also I voted not counting business trips. I’ll do M-F trips several times a year
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