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  1. Thought I heard there was a script that was pretty dark and canned, but may be a hoax
  2. Every week starter in the Bass category, can flex into vocals if need be
  3. Thought it was just ok. Didn’t give it my full attention to be fair the episode with the glass bridge or whatever was pretty intense
  4. I haven’t seen hereditary I think wife watched without me once but maybe I’ll check it out
  5. Also it would be kind of fun to daydream about when he’d come back …
  6. Door number 2. Could use an extra $20K. An additional extra $20K would help but not make a big difference in my day to day, so I’d be willing to gamble on a big payday also realize I just put up the math nerd symbol for someone to tell me the +EV play is to take the $40K because invested in [bitcoin, Amazon, mutual funds, cobalt, etc] would pay back over $1M in X Years…
  7. ive used this recipe a few times https://www.bonappetit.com/recipe/bas-best-bolognese I’m open to an authentic recipe to try
  8. Could be stress from the new environment
  9. Anyone have a good self cleaning litter box they recommend?
  10. Saw this in the store the other day might have to try it
  11. Bump for @General Malaise FYI you bumped the wrong thread I think payouts varied slightly
  12. I’m not in the league but the way I’ve always seen ties handled in roto is that those 2 teams would split the money for both spots so let’s say 1st gets 1000 2nd 500 3rd 200 tie for 1st those 2 teams get 750 each, 3rd gets 200
  13. Watched The Banana Splits with the kids the other night (8 and 10) was fairly entertaining, although it could have been because of the edibles
  14. Bought some Jack Daniels coolers (for nostalgia). Kinda too sweet for me, so the other day I mixed one with a a white claw and it’s actually pretty good. More flavor than a white claw and you get some carbonation. Obviously a bigger calorie hit but it’s a good way for me to finish the jack off
  15. Forgot password not working? IIRC if you keep trying to put the wrong one in sometimes it will ask you to try an older password
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