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  1. Agree. That being said, dude was trying to rip his helmet off after having a suck game. All's I am saying is if you mess with someone, you best be ready to accept the consequences. Rudolph tried to rip a big boy's head off, and he got pissed. That's reality. Calling the cops cause you tried to rip someone's helmet off, and he ripped your's off and beat you with it instead....well, what's fair?
  2. Agreed. Charles Martin wore a towel during packers/ bears games with the numbers of the players he had a "hit on"...then he dropped McMahon on his head after a play was over, effectively ending his career. I have talked to McMahon about this...this is what the NFL is, this is what they market.
  3. prison time, really? Mess with the bull, get the horns.
  4. Rudolph tried to rip garrets helmet off, did not succeed, and paid the price. Pouncy should be gone for the year
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