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  1. Washing your hands for 20 seconds, what do you sing? (Besides "Happy Birthday", twice) Entries must be: Popular song that people know, ages 18 to 78. No deep cuts. A 20 second excerpt, and a catchy tune. Choruses preferred. Good pace a bonus. The more fitting/ironic the lyrics, the better. Go!
  2. Made the mistake of stepping on a scale after a week at my parents place eating mom's cooking. It was not good. Will take some time to correct this for sure.
  3. 12/16: 174.5. In a holding pattern with the holidays having an impact. Probably going to be my last weigh-in of the year as I'm traveling the next few weeks. We'll see what I come back with after the new year. Given that a relative is a key person at one of NYC's top bakeries, I'm going to have a lot of temptation to wade through.
  4. 12/9: 174.0. Not bad. Hoping this means I'm back on track. Really wanted to break through 173 and pass 50 pounds down, but if it takes another week or two, that's fine.
  5. 12/2: 174.5. I survived Thanksgiving. Good prospects for continuing the glide path through the next three weeks at least. Tentatively hopeful to break through the 173 plateau and then continue on the path lower.
  6. 11/25: 177.5. Went off the rails two weeks ago and it didn't hurt too bad, but, a tough week to stay on track and I'm back up. Hopefully this week can be back to the plan, other than some carbs at one Thanksgiving meal, no reason to not stick to the plan.
  7. Clinched the playoffs with nothing to play for this week, so time to start looking at week 14 matchups in a must-win to advance
  8. I'd be comfortable dropping the Rams, as their offense isn't potent enough to keep the D off the field and their opponents making risky play attempts. Considering Cleveland gets Miami this week and Cincy after next week, I'd want in on that for those two games. But you'd need to find another team to carry for week 13 (or play them against Pittsburgh, which might not be a bad move actually).
  9. 11/18: 174.0. Not bad for a week off the rails but I'd love to resume the downward trend. This week isn't shaping up to be that great either so it might be a slog through this patch until the real work can start up in earnest again.
  10. Oakland did OK against Cincy, but, is Darnold warming up enough to make an impact against them next week?
  11. Yeah I've gone completely off the rails this week and this weekend probably won't get better. Oh well.
  12. Who are you afraid of on the Eagles? They have zero healthy receivers.
  13. 11/11: 173.5. Well, at least it wasn't my every-other-week pattern where my weight goes up. Not unexpected at this point. Hopefully we see some more movement downward next week.
  14. Was hoping Baltimore would be worth it after Oakland crushed it on Thursday, and they definitely have delivered. Having more confidence in Oakland against these Bengals next week for sure.
  15. Good to know. I expect Cincy's pass offense to take a hit with the rookie QB in, assuming he's behind center next week, too.
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