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  1. CEH, if he's still alive after that fumble.
  2. 12 Team SF, PPR Not involved Team A: Dobbins. Team B: 22 1st. 12 Team SF, PPR Team A: Dobbins. Team B: 22 1st (Team A's) and Singletary.
  3. 12 team SF, PPR. Team A Gets: Tee Higgins. Team B Gets: Darrell Henderson, Quintez Cephus, and a 2022 3rd.
  4. 12 Team SF (not involved) Team A: Gets Daniel Jones and a 22 4th. Team B: Gets Akers and 23 3rd.
  5. 12 team SF Team A: gets 1.02 Team B: gets Justin Jefferson Team B is weak at QB.
  6. 12 team SF (not involved) Team A gave Justin fields Team B gave two 23 firsts and Ryan fitzmagic
  7. What's Tee Higgins value if Ja'marr Chase comes to town?
  8. 1.01. JAC. - Trevor Lawrence 1.02. NYJ. - Justin fields 😎 1.03. SF. - Mac Jones 1.04. DEN- Trey Lance (trade) 1.05. CIN. - Penei Sewell 1.06. MIA. Kyle Pitts 1.07. DET. Ja"marr Chase 1.08. CAR. Zach Wilson 😎 1.09. ATL. Patrick Surtain (trade) 1.10 DAL. Jaycee Horn
  9. He recently went for the 1.05 and Dobbins in one of my leagues which is Superflex / PPR.
  10. Without knowing the team dynamics. what player or picks (excluding Dobbins) + 1.05 would it take for you to accept the offer for team A?
  11. I agree team A will like it in the long run. I haven't seen many CMC trades recently.
  12. 12 team SF (Not involved) Team A: Gave CMC (non contender) Team B: Gave JK Dobbins, 1.05 (contender)
  13. 12 team Superflex I have the 1.02,1.04,1.06,1.11, 2.02, and 2.04. Is it crazy to draft 2 qb's in the first just for their perceived value. My plan was to draft one QB with in the top 4, and trade back if possible. Also, i have 3 1st in 22. current roster: Qb's: Lamar, Herbert, Taysom Hill, and Josh Rosen. RB's: Boston Scott, Justice Hill, Marlon Mack, Cohen, Hines, Polard, and Perine. (Horrible, was planning on hitting this position hard in the draft) WR's: Jefferson, Mims, Pittman, Gabriel Davis, Duvernay, Tre'quan Smith, and Dionte Johnson. TE's: Goedart, Mandrews, OJ Howard, and Foster Moreau Thanks for your time.
  14. 12 Team SF Team A: Gets Josh Jacobs Team B: Gets Tee Higgins
  15. Super Flex: Team A: Gets Jalen Reagor Team B: Gets 2021 2.04
  16. Same, I ended up with a lot of hurts shares as well. I made the trade because I don't have any Tua exposure. My main qb's are Lamar and Kyler. I appreciate your reply.
  17. Superflex: Team A: Gets Tua and 2021 2.12. Team B: Gets Jalen Hurts.
  18. What’s Derrick Henry’s value? Looking to move him for youth but he looks great.
  19. Thank you all for the valuable information. I was able to get him off waivers for 50% of my FAAB.
  20. Pittman was dropped in my 12 team dynasty this week. Is it crazy to unload most of my FAAB budget to pick him up?
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