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  1. Guh. I don't really mind Carr as an option next year, but definitely not if the price is 2 1st's.
  2. My wife runs a pre-school in a highly populated area, and it is essentially the same scenario. They've had little outbreaks here and there and have had to close a classroom for a few days due to contact tracing, outside family, etc., but have yet to shut down the entire school. Pretty damn impressive all things considered, and mask wearing is mandatory for everyone. The kids have been awesome about it.
  3. French just posted this today. Can't comment on a lot of the historical narrative as Evangelicalism as a whole isn't something I've followed closely, but a very interesting read that I figured would be a good addition to the thread.
  4. I don't post very frequently, but I enjoy reading all the discussion that this forum has to offer. I just wanted to take the time to give this post a big thumbs up, as it captures exactly how I've felt over the last 3 years.
  5. Picked up the Jets last week, but the events of the last couple weeks are giving me second thoughts. Intrigued by the Browns now that Flacco has been declared out.
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