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  1. Bryan Edwards: "I'm your huckleberry"
  2. 8 weeks of zero competition. At which point, if you are good, you address the risk of Hunt by snagging the inevitable waiver wire darling that covers the risk of the final 8 weeks if it were to materialize.
  3. In redraft - no reason to trade him...in Dynasty I'd be more apt to move him.
  4. 12 Team, PPR, Salary Cap, Contract (RSO) Team A: Jamaal Williams - rookie contract (4 Million) 2019 1st (Late Round) Team B: Tyreek Hill (16 Million contract through 2020)
  5. I traded him + a 1st for Tyreek Hill in a salary cap contract league. Other owner Has Ty Mont. I just don't know how it's going to play out in GB and I don't want to try to pick the good weeks.
  6. I agree - I just like to call out my mistakes. I was thinking there was room for a big jump last year but it didn't happen. I think you are closer to reality. If he gets the RZ targets he could be a good play. I've still got him on a rookie deal in RSO and I'll hold because there is zero interest in him.
  7. I think you may have misunderstood me. Aaron Jones being a superior athlete doesn't mean he is the better football player, it is jut one input. As a frame of reference Antonio Brown was a poor metrics guy - but a vastly superior technique and football IQ. For me...I look at metrics as a tie breaker when I have guys very closely rated in a draft class. Even then I don't always go with the metric guy. As an example I traded the world to move to 1.02 with every intent to take Nick Chubb, but when it came down to me being on the clock I pulled the trigger on Derrius Guice's. I just felt his was situation better over the next 4 years and it is a RealitySportsOnline league. .
  8. Athletic profiles: Aaron Jones Jamaal Williams I'm a Williams owner but Jones is clearly the superior athlete with impressive burst scores in vertical and broad jump.
  9. I traded 1.10, 1.12, 2.02, 2.06, and 3.5 to get to 1.02 just to take him....
  10. Just an assumption on how the Panthers season played out last year - 80 catches was extremely high. I placed that as a result of losing Kelvin Benjamin and Greg Olsen. So I assume with Olsen back and them drafting DJ Moore in the 1st round you'll see him revert a bit in catches. Add in CMC put on some good muscle and they drafted him as a 1st round RB so I think his carries goes up a bit. I still think they keep him around 18-20 all purpose touches per game..
  11. In regards to your arguments on production - are you saying the competition levels of Mountain West conference and SEC are similar? In regards to your athletic argument see the below....none are significantly different enough to separate. They are all NFL caliber. One could even argue that Kerryon is marginally physically and athletically superior due to his broad and vertical jump, bigger wing span, arm length, and hand size. Granted he was .11 slower in the 40 but RBs rarely get to run 40 yards in a straight line. Kerryon Johnson Rashaad Penny Sony Michel Again I think Penny wasn't the best option for the Seahawks at that pick with the remaining RBs on the board - I don't envision him as a "great" back - but I have been known to be wrong regularly...just ask my wife.
  12. Is the reason that Guice, Chub, Michel, and Johnson are a tier above Penny in talent?
  13. CMC - I put him at 768 rushing yards on 200 attempts with 3 TDS, 550 receiving yards on 65 receptions with 5 TDs this year. I'm optimistic. Roughly 18 total touches per game
  14. Have you ever looked at the Rookie Scouting Portfolio? It's not an eyeball test and all the work and back-up is there to see. Its not as if he had Rashaad Penny ranked like chopped liver in it. A ranking can't be insulting....it's a ranking. If you don't agree move on, no need to make it personal. The way in which you speak about someone can most definitely be insulting which you have clearly demonstrated..
  15. Okay okay...I'll compromise: "Mountain West 1st Round Pick Rashaad Penny"
  16. Or "San Diego State 1st round pick Rashaad Penny" You see Marshall Faulk while I see Ronnie Hillman. To be successful I think Penny needed a a decent O-line where he only needs to chip, which Seattle doesn't have. In regards to pass blocking he is a borderline liability. Bad at cut blocks, regularly caught off balance, gets knocked backwards, drops his head, etc... Depends on Pete Carroll and his commitment to his "best player on the field ethos" - Remember everyone expected Matt Flynn to start because how much they paid him when Wilson won the job even though he was a 3rd round pick. For sure Seattle wants Penny to win the job....but I think he will have to win the job, and that isn't certain at the moment.
  17. I'm not a Penny believer - and Seattle doesn't have a great track record with those early picks they slide slide and take. They did the same with Richardson and while I think he is a good WR he is not a WR1. Penny is a small school prospect who isn't very proficient at pass blocking on a team with a mediocre line at best. I don't think he is significantly better than Carson or Prosise - so it really depends. If Pete Carroll stays true to his competition ethos and puts the best player on the field i.e. Matt Flynn vs Russel Wilson then Penny does have the shot to win the gig outright. My personal opinion is he isn't the best player on that team right now, but they lean towards justifying the reach by giving him more opportunity. I think Penny is a good, not great back, and their were multiple options on the board that could be great backs at the point they picked him including: Chubb, Michel, Guice, Rojo, Johnson - I think they are all better talents. Michel is arguably the best pass blocking back in the class and capable in all facets, his biggest risk is his penchant for fumbling the ball. Summary: I think he gets a lot of opportunity this year with mediocre results but ultimately he's fizzles out in 2-3 years
  18. Yeah the fix is repeal and replace with Medicare expansion until they can build a long term solution....the pain forcing the solution is the cost of the expansion of Medicare. Seriously ACA for my family of 4 was significantly more than my mortgage - this is untenable to me.
  19. You can't force private healthcare companies to provide public service. They are operating for profit - not for public good. ACA kicked me in my nuts, I'm not a fan but that doesn't mean I'm against universal healthcare. If you want it to work you can't have shareholders. It needs to be overhauled and establish a National Healthcare System, or expand Medicare, something that operates it on a national level by increasing taxes across the board. Just be prepared for high federal income taxes. BCBS/Aetna/Etc... would still function as private insurance for a higher class of service similar to the EU. If you have private insurance the queues are shorter and the quality of care is better.
  20. @Joe Bryant Wouldn't the easiest solution be to create another forum called "SharkPool: Breaking News" where you do exactly this and then auto clear any thread after 30 days so all information is fresh? Maybe a sub-forum right below Assistant Coach? You would then avoid the master thread vs separate thread vs merge pain point. Side note you should check out Weezer's cover of Toto's Africa....pure awesomeness: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E4c7EE8_IX0 cool story behind it too.
  21. Because some of us have limited time. If the information is not easily accessible on this forum then we will migrate to locations where it is.
  22. This. I've been a subscriber since '09. multiple three year subscriptions - not an option this year so considering going without. If there was another three year option I'd sign up again....but that's just me. I do love the subscriber contest though, so I most likely will renew at some point.
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