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  1. Agreed. Since both Herbert/Tua* appear franchise caliber that's why IMO it's extremely high likelihood a trade goes down. *risk adjusting for injury concerns
  2. I don't think it's luck. Just a matter of price. IMO if you're the Dolphins/Chargers/Jags GM...and you actually like Herbert/Tua...there's no way you don't make a significant offer to the Lions. It's irresponsible not to. Can't see one of those teams crossing their fingers "hoping" the QB they want falls to their draft slot. QB is too important. You go and get them. It's only if the Lions' asking price is way too exorbitant that you roll the dice.
  3. I'm still pretty optimistic about the Lions/Patricia. Last year they were devastated by injuries and yet competitive (within one score) in vast majority of games, even with guys named Driskel and Blough slinging it for literally half the season. Displayed a lot of heart down the stretch when the season was lost. I'm puzzled by letting Glasgow go, but other than that IMO they've had a solid free agency. The NFC North is not that strong and the 2020 schedule not that difficult. If they can monetize the 3rd pick and fill a few more holes in the draft the Lions can be solid. O
  4. Op-Ed from Peggy Noonan in the WSJ...can't share subscription link but these are some key takeaways on the Democratic debates and general approach: America's elites in politics, media and the academy have grown oblivious to "the average Joe's intense disgust" at being morally instructed and "preached to." "Every day, Americans are told of the endless ways they are falling short. If we don't show the 'proper' level of understanding according to a talking head, then we are surely racist. If we don't embrace every sanitized PC talking point, then we must be heartless. If we have the aud
  5. The tax cut kept the national debt-driven economic party going. Sacrificing short term gains for long-term pain. No different than the previous president.
  6. Amy Klobuchar would knock the socks off Trump in a general election...but unfortunately she won't likely even make it to the 2nd Democratic debate. But I would agree as long as Trump doesn't cause a dumb war or the national debt/tariffs don't implode the economy the rest of the (non-Biden) field will face an uphill battle.
  7. If this is really true, then the Lions will be fine. As a long-time fan who used to park cars at the Silverdome I don't recall a sustained work ethic ever being the organization's strong suit...so that is the one thing in this season that offers hope they are on the right track. Just let it go and get back to work.
  8. What do you guys think of Kerryon ROS? I'm wondering if now is the time to throw out some offers before he eventually takes over.
  9. As a long-time Lions fan (used to park cars at the Silverdome in HS), IMO getting Ebron exemplifies a problem the Lions have had forever: there is no over-arching, proven philosophy, strategy, then execution of that strategy in building a winner. Mayhew's justification of the pick is that Ebron was "clearly the best player on their Board" at the time. Huh? That was perfectly appropriate when the cupboard was bare after the Millen years. Over five years in, however, Mayhew should now be a) filling in specific talent gaps and b) building general depth in core areas to keep what he's built thriv
  10. Instead of TE: E. Ebron (10) OLB: K. Van Noy (40) C: T. Swanson (74) I think the Lions would be a much better team (and sooner) with: DB: K. Fuller (14) / D. Dennard (24) OLB: K. Van Noy (40) ILB: C. Borland (75)
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