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  1. I love his entire twitter feed is passionately calling other people losers and pieces of ####. Meanwhile, being the biggest loser in the history of a 6 figure membership message board. Running your cahk-garage on Twitter but can't be a man and return here and show even an iota of integrity. Grade A loser @cstu
  2. Careful. Now someone is gonna have to contact him to let him know his name was brought up.
  3. Pokerstars can bring out the worst. Seems like a lot of crazy crap happens. However, you just gotta roll with. Gary is a friend of mine and our home game was nightly and huge but quickly disintegrated due to a guy who couldn't handle it without berating everyone non stop. Just cool it going forward, that's poker.
  4. Funny how no one here has mentioned Sampras losing to Agassi in the 93 US Open.
  5. LOL shtick? I like both. Sometimes I want to war for 3 weeks straight, sometimes I need to break for a day to a week. That's why quattro is perfect for me
  6. No shtick. This one of the contributing factors in why my marriage was quick. I would get away to golf w friends. After like 6 holes, I'd start to get text messages and phone calls about where I am and how she needs help with the dogs at home and how much longer I'll be. Nothing pissed me off more. A day on the course should be a day on the course.
  7. You're obviously forgetting he was PGA tour player of the year 2 years ago bro!
  8. We have reached the point where FFA posters think they can relate to Tiger's golf game. or beat up a professional boxer
  9. Lots of new updates to Packer's youtube channel https://www.youtube.com/user/IDFUKSNOKKIE/videos
  10. Howard's contract is up at the end of this year? Any predictions for what he's going to do? He's going on 62. Think he can walk away?
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