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  1. Agreed. Watt was the disruptive force that made that whole defense click IMO. Someone else will have to step up but I think this puts their D from a top half starting option to right around streaming level.
  2. Second only to Calvin Johnson scoop in terms of recent SP insider info.
  3. Was going to put him in for James Jones at the last minute and didnt do it. Could cost me my game this week. On the other hand. Going forward...
  4. There is obvious risk here but I'm very happy to hear Martavis is working with John Lucas. Go Terps! I have MB in both of my main redrafts and am cautiously optimistic that he will come back week 5 and be a difference maker in FF. And by difference maker I'm talking a top 15 WR the rest of the season. Looking at his TDs from last year it seemed that he scored in almost every way possible. Fades in the redzone, intermediate to deep post routes, corner routes, WR screen, and of course the over the top go route. And this was all as a rookie missing the first 6 weeks of the season. Obviously
  5. So after week 2 of pre-season of his rookie year this kid is doomed to failure? That's silly. Nah, panthercub has hated Johnny since college. At least he's consistent. Which is fine. But my point is that he's saying people should admit they were wrong before he or his team have even played a regular season game.
  6. So after week 2 of pre-season of his rookie year this kid is doomed to failure? That's silly. I haven't participated in this thread to date other than reading here and there but if we are dividing groups into kook aid drinkers and haters then I guess I'd put myself in the former. I think Manziel has a lot of challenges to being successful in the NFL, primarily his height and the adjustment from a tempo spread with limited plays to a full NFL offense. But I'm rooting for him because he's talented and fun to watch. The off the field stuff does not bother me nearly as much as the seemingly sel
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