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  1. Big fan of the old Milford Jai Alai. Once that left, seems everything else really started to suck. Maybe, maybe, if you found some quiet little antique-store-and-winery hamlet, it could be a nice place. But if that's not your vibe... don't hold out much hope for CT.
  2. I've probably told this story before. Most sportswriters have a slow week between the AFC & NFC championships and then the Super Bowl two weeks later. That "hype week" before the big game is when the Baseball Writers Association holds their annual awards ceremony dinner to give out the Rookie of the Year, MVP, Cy Young, etc. awards & honor that year's Hall of Fame inductees. Back when I would go, it was at a Marriott in Manhattan, and all sorts of big-time ballplayers and sports celebrities would show up. For a hundred, one-fifty, per plate you could rub elbows with Don Mattingly,
  3. In the lead, got the answer right, and lost. Heck of a way to blow your chance. 2nd place also technically miswagered. And so did 3rd.
  4. Bought at 415, eight years ago. Same floor plans sold on my block and one over for 780 maybe six months ago and 820 last month.
  5. It seems Survivor South Africa starts airing on 6/3. I don't think the next season of Australian Survivor has started filming yet. They don't expect to air a new season of Australian Survivor until the fourth quarter of this year. Survivor South Africa: Immunity Island has 20 contestants and was filmed late in 2020 in the Wild Coast region of the Eastern Cape of South Africa.
  6. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/audio/2021-04-25/why-the-price-of-lumber-has-soared-podcast Pretty good podcast on the issue with a lumber broker. From what I remember... wholesale lumber yards need to predict orders 90 days in advance when they buy lumber in the futures market. They only keep 30-45 days worth in stock. They did not guess the pace at which things would re-open and construction would ramp up. They have contracts to deliver on and are now forced to pay higher prices to meet the demand. A classic short squeeze. Additionally, we get (nearly) all our construction lu
  7. Ain't no lumber out there nowadays. Will be probably at least a year before prices "stabilize", but, I don't expect them to stabilize back to where they were before. I think lumber just jumped up to a new baseline level. The era of cheap trees may be over.
  8. Pretty sure my company's campus is desperate for more real estate and would love to bulldoze some of our old office buildings for more profitable usage of the space. Too bad we just hired Frank Gehry to build us a new office building on the other side of the campus. I'm sure they'll figure out some kind of shared-space solution to maximize what they own.
  9. Yeah we've been told September is the earliest. There's no way we're going back to the office until all kids are back in school full time. Period.
  10. Of course. I'm single, dating some girls that are also WFH and can chill at my place all day on their laptops, whenever, too. No kids. No commute. All my food, my own bathroom, walking distance to coffee shops, restaurants, and a lake... and a boss that's happy to let me skip out of town and work a few hours out of a hotel room in Vegas or wherever too whenever I want. Why would I want to go back to an office?
  11. When Clinton was elected president, he retroactively changed tax laws that affected the year before he was president. There's nothing stopping Biden from enacting a law that applies to 2020, and really nothing that would stop him from enacting a change that goes into effect Jan 1 2021 and would capture all trades made this year when filing your 2021 taxes next year.
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