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  1. I can't see any other way that this ends. The case won't be disposed of on the first court date. Only real way that the case could be settled would be if Peterson pleads out quick, but that will have major negative consequences for him and likely bring a major punishment from the league. The Vikings play the Bears Week 11 (Nov. 16) after their bye and he will have missed 8 games by then. Punishment for a first offense under the domestic violence policy is 6 games so he would be able to play in the game if he can get a plea deal worked out quickly.
  2. If he plays Sunday and nothing new comes out then I don't think he gets suspended this year and they let the legal system play out. Unlike previous cases of abuse this one is not cut and dried. Considering the caliber of player here I expect the league and the Vikings to take a conservative approach.
  3. Two years ago they went 12-4 with Schaub. Before last season, Shaub was actually a pretty decent QB. True, but the way I look at it is the defense is even better than it was in 2012 and all Fitzpatrick needs to be is a game manager who doesn't make mistakes.
  4. Dez is the type of guy I think Watkins can reach. He's not as big right now but I can see him at 6-1, 220 which would be very close to Dez at 6-2, 224.
  5. He'll be traded to a QB desperate team next year and Garoppolo will be the starter.
  6. 36 QB's have thrown at least two passes this year... ...Brady is dead last in YPA (5.1).
  7. Do you expect him to finish top 12 the rest of the season? I would be surprised.
  8. 5 catches on 14 targets so far. I need to look at his targets and see how much of it is on Locker.
  9. Sounds eerily similar to: Everything is there now, he's even comfortable somehow through the little experience of last year. There's never been an easier "sit tight" guy in FF than Stephen Hill There's no way you can pickup a WR with his upside on the ww
  10. Chasing. Gates had a stretch like this last year and then disappeared.
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