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  1. Kind of a weird question but figured I'd get a better response here than trying to ask current HSA company or gov't employee about HSA. Might reach out to Fidelity HSA as well. I current have a HSA through Optum Health/Bank through my government employment (high deductible health plan). Don't have a lot in there right now ($6000). I'm able to invest $5000 of it through Optum. What I'm really wanting to do is transfer that $6000 into a Fidelity HSA and wondering if I can do that. My government employer does chip in a small employer contribution every pay period (~$28) that'd I'd like to just setup a recurring payment from Optum Health/Bank into a Fidelity HSA. Don't know if it makes a difference but $5000 of the $6000 are MY Post-Tax contributions. With Fidelity HSA, I presume I'd be able to invest all $6k (instead of only $5k of $6 through Optum Health/Bank....you must have minimum $1k to invest with Optum). Would it be possible to "Reimburse Myself" from my Optum HSA and funnel this $6k to a Fidelity HSA? My other investment accounts are currently through Fidelity so I'd really like to just get my HSA over there as well for ease in future. Thanks for assistance.
  2. Good topic GB. I didn't know but I've never been a jerk to you either. This doesn't change the fact I'd love to see you cane that turncoat buddy of yours that used you as a reference to be Gamestop manager or that unruly frostbitten squatter on your property. Fight the good fight my friend.
  3. Your friend sounds like he vastly overrates his ability and really doesn't know what work is. Use your sources to get him a job at AEW. He'd fit right in GB.
  4. Grab Sandman's cane and turn heel on your "friend" already. "Friend" sound like a self-absorbed entitled SOB. He is definitely jealous of you GB. And go cane the frostbitten tenant for good measure.
  5. Sometimes I wonder if this is real. And if he's been playing 4D Chess this whole time. Never stop being you GB.
  6. Any advice on additional investment options? I've been bad at investing til recently but planning on looking at all options. Right now: Employer #1: Govt pension / HSA Max / Max towards 457b Deferred Comp (I am only PT employee there now. Will probably move to FT sometime in future to increase pension). Nearly all my earnings here are now being invested. Employer #2: Investing up their 4% match. I'm much more likely to leave this employer than Employer #3 in the future so will just take a bit of the free money they're offering. As mentioned prior, the fund options with this employer stink IMO but will do the remainder maxing out through Employer #3. I have a bit of extra money to play with here after personal expenses and where the crux of my question lies. (This is my only FT gig) Employer #3: Got and accepted an offer this week for another PT gig. I'll be able to do it "alongside" the other 2. It is a very well known company that matches 100% to 5%. Planning on maxing out (minus my employer #2 contribution to employer match). I've yet to look at their fund options but should be much much better than Employer #2 which is a much smaller company. Why I've looked at Covid as a great employment opportunity with more WFH options available than ever. I've even tried to diversify my employers just in case the worst happens. (I'm safe with Employer #1 and probably Employer #2 where they've offered me pretty much unlimited # hours since Covid hit) After googling it I believe the answer is no, but employer contributions don't count towards 401k $19500 yearly contribution max, correct? With leftover money I was thinking about investing in more Index Funds in brokerage account through Fidelity. But maybe better investment vehicles exist? Maybe I'll do some individual stocks but I'd just much prefer to throw in on Index Funds and kind of forget about it. I don't see myself ever closely monitoring stock market / day trading. Another option is real estate but would prefer the market to cool down here (who knows if it will but I believe it will after all the government assistance is through) but when it crashes here it really crashes. I'd prefer waiting it out as there's a lot of potential money to be made with it. Last option, which I've just started looking into, would be to start custodial accounts for my niece and nephew. Thanks again for all assistance!
  7. Edit: Can disregard. Spoke to Deferred Comp this AM and got the answer.
  8. Any thoughts on ignoring International Index Funds altogether in Retirement accounts? Returns don't look great. I'm really considering going 60 FZROX Fidelity Total Market Fund / 20 FSSNX Fidelity Small Cap / 20 FSMDX Fidelity Mid Cap for my Roth IRA as well. (For better or worse, it would pretty much mirror my Deferred Comp plan)
  9. So got them to send the mailer to me (I trash most mail so probably just overlooked it). End result is better than what I originally thought but not as good as the email I got today that stated "anything over 3% is 50% matched". It's 100% match to 3% and 50% match up to 5%. So I'll just do the 5%. The fund options are very lackluster but I'll take some free money. I will talk to the plan administrator about the offerings. Thanks for the suggestion and all for assistance.
  10. I don't have a great deal of interest TBH (re: individual stocks). I realize that'd probably entail me having to read financial statements. Would be just to try something different (I am pretty content on have small pieces in everything). DIS is one stock that I really like for future with their streaming service (I know it's probably not the smartest to get locked into one stock/company). I'm not going to invest heavily into any 1 stock. The whole penny stock fad doesn't really invest me either. (Not saying it won't/wouldn't work out but too much gambling risk/work for my taste) I'm locked into index funds everywhere. I'm not against mutual funds but from my little investigating with these you're relying more on someone else (paying more as result) to have them try to beat the market. My little investigating = reading and watching Youtube the last few months. I will definitely look into them more and open for any suggestions from folks with more experience.
  11. Yeah that's what the mailer we got last year regarding our 401k plan indicated (50% up to 4%). I emailed our benefits earlier today and they specifically indicated 100% match up to 3%....then 50% match anything after 3%. I did make sure to print the email I am getting further clarification this in fact has changed.
  12. So got some updated information from our Benefits team (below). So will definitely do at least 3%. Trying to decide what to do beyond that. Thinking somewhere from 5-10% initially at least. (Single with very minimal expenses as WFH/no debt outside of mortgage). Nothing is really preventing from contributing more outside of not being in love with the available funds (but I'd like to take as much free money as possible). 50% match of anything over 3% actually sounds like a pretty good deal anyway (This is my first time investing at all so might be ignorance speaking). I'd like to eventually try my hand at individual stocks a little but want to have a fallback.
  13. Thanks again. I was between American Fund or the State Street Index as well & will go with one of those.
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