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  1. I’ve always kept my keys front left pocket, phone right front pocket and wallet back right pocket. If I get a wallet for my front pocket, do I keep it in the same pocket as my phone? Seems like it would be bulky
  2. The last style of wallet I'll own. Absolutely love it I’ve never used a wallet like this. How easy is it to get cards in and out? If I had like 6 cards and wanted to use a middle card in my stack is it easy to get to?
  3. I finished The Clone Wars tv series. Quite a few low quality episodes but it was well worth watching. At its best it was pretty incredible. I’m tempted to dive into Rebels next
  4. I’ve lived in the upper Midwest my whole life. I’d love a place with milder winters. I don’t have a specific place nailed down. I’ve considered Portland, Charlotte, Austin among others. Low cost of living is important to me, but I also like being in or near a large metropolitan area. I haven’t really found a place that marks all the boxes.
  5. I don't see what beginning training baby Yoda really accomplishes in this storyline. He's already 50 years old. You'd have to span forward about 100 years for him to become physically/mentally developed enough to really see the effects of any training. If this series is to remain centered around Mando that wouldn't really work.
  6. I think the only way I might be able to do it would be to move out of state. I’m not sure if even that would work
  7. I strive for contentedness. Happiness is an unsustainable high. I’m good with where I’m at now
  8. Mando could have done some damage against the dark troopers with the darksaber. Watching Luke carve them up was awesome though. No idea where this is headed, but no reason to expect it to be anything other than amazing. Now we wait
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