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  1. LOL. "I don't want them to be bad." Implying that they just are. You're still painting it as "Do Republicans want Americans to get COVID relief or not?" You reject any idea that there's more to it other than "Yes or no, should Americans get support." But sure, Tim. I'm the one that doesn't get it.
  2. I guess I'm not really sure of the outrage. Has someone shown something that 400$ is the magic number? I feel like if the Dem proposal was 300$ a week until July, people would be praising them for taking care of Americans. People complain about the lack of bipartisanship and Manchin is doing it. And instead of praising it, "what a victory."
  3. 4 years of orange man bad. I was kind of relieved when Trump was gone, and thought we'd see some talks on policy instead of tribalism. Instead, it's February and here you are with "GOP bad." Both sides are at fault here. Cruz, McConnell, Etc. should probably aim to compromise more. But Cruz made the point--Biden talked up unity and bipartisianship--and instead the Dems want to pass everything with a 50/50 vote and by pushing budget reconciliation. You create this false dichotomy of "You either support covid relief or you don't" as if there's zero legit reasons to be conce
  4. I think it's a pretty small percentage of the nation that posts about politics online. And those people are often more polarized and/or steadfast in their beliefs. I also think that the internet has become a place where bold/hot takes get likes and retweets, etc. And the less brash tends to get swept under the rug. So if 1,000,000 liberals say "We don't want socialism" and one says "You're a filthy nazi if you don't want socialism," the bolder one gets 2million likes and the 1 million tweets doesn't even get to 1 million likes.
  5. I'm not sure how we've gotten so far down the rabbit hole of "Is this board more left" in a thread about the COVID relief bill. I assume the post meant there's a constant growing percentage of Liberal posters--as opposed to the collective body is moving left ideologically. I actually think the majority of the posters on the board are very rational, reasonable liberals. I think a lot of times we talk past each other and just assume what someone believes and that perhaps lends to the idea that "we're moving towards socialism."
  6. I edited my post to address this: I have a bad habit of lumping posters together. And so I realized you may tend to not believe any politicians. But certainly a lot of the board argues that Trump always lies and that's why he's ok to not lend belief to. Which is perfectly rational. I assume for business owners, there are also rational reasons to not believe them. But your bigger point is fair. Just because someone owns it doesn't mean they know all the happenings.
  7. Yet you believe some politicians when they say something but not Trump. So we can pick and choose politicians but not business owners? Or maybe you believe all politicians or don't believe all politicians. But most seem to feel that it's ok to not believe Trump because of justifiable reasons x y and z. So...is it also ok to believe Joe and not believe Zuckerburg because of justifiable reasons x y and z.
  8. This is the worst example of whataboutism. What about the time you didn’t believe person A so you don’t get to believe person B?
  9. So it’s your position they didn’t do impeachment instead of addressing Covid relief? I think Trump should’ve been impeached, I wish they had blocked him from running again. But it was definitely put on the agenda in such a way that Covid relief got pushed back
  10. Mitt sides with the left; what a man of honor and principle. Mitt doesn’t side with the left: what an opportunist.
  11. It’s bothersome to me that the majority of this bill won’t go to Covid relief and we’re OK with that. I won’t lose any sleep if they pass it. I hope the American people get the help that they need. but Tim and other posters acting like Republicans are being bad once again for no reason when they have said repeatedly that the pork is the hold up it’s ridiculous. Furthermore, a lot of the people that seem to be pushing for pass it anyway and let California have their tunnel and New York have the bridge all the expense of federal tax payer dollars, are the same people saying that we nee
  12. 95% of the discussion is about what the other side did back in December. We can’t ever have a productive discussion about what’s actually happening because everyone Hass to stop and ask why you’re being such a stupid hypocrite and why you didn’t talk about Mitch blocking the December bill enough. I absolutely love that game. I have now acknowledge that Mitch McConnell did bad in December, may I now speak freely on what’s happening today please press one if yes
  13. The Republicans seem to think it’s 9%, but even if I concede that it’s 25%, why are we OK with that for our Covid relief bill?
  14. I assume most Republicans support the 9% of Covid relief and not the other 91%, and a lot of people are just being asked do you support a stimulus package yes or no
  15. Yeah, I think McConnell should have done better then. Sorry if I didn't post that enough. I guess I get tired of everytime I criticize someone I'm forced to answer "Why did you stay silent back in December?!!>!>! Hypokrit!"" It would be great if we could discuss the issues and not this constant "You didn't criticize your guy enuff back when." It's insufferable. It makes me not want to post here. Regardless of what Mitch did or didn't do, the Dems proposing a stimulus package with 9% going to COVID relief is in my eyes bad.
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