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  1. Sure. Control was probably the wrong way to phrase it. But your former employer with unsecured loans were able to approve/deny based on credit worthiness, income, etc. If another company is doing student loans: the credit worthiness and income factors are awful. Most of the kids don't have a job. Most have never had a bill. So you're accepting about the worst profile possible for "am I going to get paid back." Most unsecured loans would never give these kids a loan. They're about as bad a credit profile as there is. BUT the student loans promise the lenders payment be
  2. But they have control over who gets a loan. How many of those unsecured loans are for 10's of thousands of dollars to 18 year old kids with no credit and no job? The same kid wouldn't get a credit card for 1,000$. Me as a college kid initially got a 500$ limit on a chase card. You don't just give out a fortune in unsecured debt to tens of thousands of subpar lenders and remain in business.
  3. I don't either. Some sort of course would be nice, but it almost feels like a make ourselves feel better solution. For med school, we had to attend a loan counseling seminar, and I remember thinking "Yeah, I'll just look at this when I have to start paying." Maybe build it into the senior year of high school and make them actually pass a class.
  4. Don't they sell a Mrs. Potato head? Seems like they cover their bases. Can we not have a Mr. and Mrs. in the world anymore?
  5. Yeah, I guess I don't see it that way. I think we need to reconsider letting a bunch of 18 year old kids take out 10's of thousands of dollars without understanding what it means to repay it with interest. Forgiving it now to "help the economy" will just mean we're right back here in another 20 years and arguing about the same stuff again and again.
  6. Oh I 100% agree. I was responding to a poster that highlighted "I don't think just anyone should be able to declare bankruptcy" in one of my previous posts. I think there has to be a process and a legitimate proof of need/burden.
  7. Well, they aren't like other loans. We're giving loans to kid that graduated high school 2 weeks ago with no job prospects. Can those same kids get a house loan or auto loan? Hard to get a loan without proof of income. And maybe those kids in 4 or 8 years will care about their credit and not file bankruptcy. But maybe they'll also just mass file bankruptcy and say thanks for the education. If everyone can file bankrupcty--and does--then the lenders won't exist. I don't care about the lenders. But without them, a lot of kids can't go to school.
  8. I think allowing bankruptcy in catastrophic cases is the only feasible option. I don't think anyone should just be able to wake up and decide to file bankruptcy on their student loans. But there should be cases. Realizing, as others have pointed out--interest rates will go up, some people will be pushed out of being able to borrow, etc. And I think we just have to accept that. I guess I haven't talked about businesses because the thread is about student loans. I don't mean that in a rude/smart alec way. I just don't see it as comparable. I think some businesses do dumb
  9. Then don't take out debt. *Shrugs* A lot of people never go to college. A lot of people go later. A lot of people work and pay for college. A lot of people go to community college so it costs less. A lot of people go into fields that they know will be in high demand vs their true passion so they can pay their loans. Having to make choice is life. I don't think we just "get rid of the debt so we can see a different world."
  10. https://nypost.com/2021/02/23/coca-cola-diversity-training-urged-workers-to-be-less-white/
  11. Assassin's Creed Valhalla was painfully slow earlier on and I was honestly disappointed. As I've gotten deeper into it, I really enjoy it.
  12. Came to talk about Coke, only found discussion on word problems and Disney.
  13. I guess I’m of the belief that in a snow/ice storm most “talking to community leaders” is done via phone and zoom.
  14. I’ve said it in response to others. It’s actually not the role of the US Senate to deal with these situations. It’s a state and local government issue. Cornyn hasn’t done much beyond post “resources” on his website and Twitter. But I guess he stayed in Texas. No one seems too fired up over Cornyn not dragging Fema back down there. A lot of the hate is because Cruz is Cruz IMO. And of course then he lied about it, which makes it such a bigger failure.
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