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  1. The problem is: most of the people being hospitalized did this and made the wrong choice. Moreso, in most casses when they consult with their own doctor--the doctors are recommending people get it. The cases where people are told not to get it are few and far between.
  2. Promoted to the Active Roster for Sunday night's game. I'm grabbing him where I can. Not expecting a lot. But if a bunch of nameless dudes can blow up in Shanny's offense--why not Kerryon?
  3. I think this is an understated factor for sure.
  4. Talking mainly dynasty, but surely applies in redraft some too. 1. Aiyuk. He was a stud down the stretch last season. It'll come together 2. Josh Jacobs: I think he's still a guy that can you 1100-1200 yards and 10-12 TD's. I think people are down on him because they wanted him to be an RB1 last year and it's not going to happen. But if you can get him on the cheap, I think he's still very solid 3. Jonathan Taylor. Will still cost a lot. But he's probably gone from untouchable to "I'll listen to offers." 4. Antonio Gibson: he's better than he's been so far. 5. Kittle. I think he's still an elite Tight end. The volume will come 6. Barkley: Usage is trending up. Owners are worried after 2 bad games. Get before he explodes vs the Falcons this weekend
  5. I bought CEH for a late 2022 2nd, Jeff Wilson and Josh Palmer. I miss Palmer the most. But at that price, couldn't pass.
  6. 1. Team A gives CEH Team B gives Josh Palmer/Jeff Wilson/2002 2nd (likely late) 2. Team A gives: Miles Sanders/McLaurin Team B gives: Barkley
  7. Yeah. It's tough to figure. He's in one of the best offenses in the league with a coach that has historically utilized the RB a lot int he passing game. I don't think he's an elite talent at RB. But I also don't think he's this bad. I think like you said, he's seen some tough matchups. But he's a few more bad games away from being a sunk ship, and it's tough to give much in a buy low package at this point.
  8. What's the right "buy low" point on CEH? Or should he just be avoided all together at this point?
  9. Spent the #1 waiver priority on him in yahoo for a dynasty league. Receivers too good to play him at flex. Should I go Mitchell over Miles Sanders?
  10. Are you just not capable of discussing the topic at hand? It’s always what about fast food, smoking, abortion with you. Your whataboutism’s are exhausting.
  11. Between the injuries and Drake, it seems like his value is plummeting. Is now a time to buy low in dynasty leagues or is this the beginning of his fall off?
  12. It's hilarious that people won't take the vaccines--and then declare the vaccines that people aren't taking--are not the answer. It's like--you saying your key doesn't start your car when you're not even putting it in the ignition. Of course it doesn't. (I realize there are a lot of push to start cars now, but you get the point).
  13. I don't know how much time/effort they put into these. I'll give you an example that makes me think there's usually a confounder. I had a patient who showed up 2 or 3 days after getting their 1st dose. They had blood clot all throughout their leg. Obviously they blamed the vaccine. There are two problems with this. 1. That extensive of a blood clot probably didn't develop over 2 or 3 days. 2. They were ultimately found to have a congenital condition that predisposed them to blood clots. So if VAERS looks at things case by case--and sees confounders like this--then usually you would err on the side of "not the vaccine."
  14. They're safer than the virus that has killed over 650,000 people. And that's what you have to compare it to.
  15. Do you work in a hospital? I do. AND in Kentucky at that. 1. We no longer have a dedicated covid unit. We don't have enough nurses to take several nurses away from the other floors to the covid floor. Other hospitals may still have their covid floor. But some can't do that due to staffing issues. 2. EVEN when we had a covid floor--I as a physician would go to the covid floor--and then to all the regular floors. Nurses on the covid floor go to the same cafeteria as the other nurses and staff. You typically don't have enough "covid nurses" to staff the unit every day--so nurses take turns getting pulled from other units to work on the covid unit. To say that it's the same as Wal-mart is wrong.
  16. The lady at 25 seconds isn’t a nurse. She’s a clerk/secretary I have friends/family in that hospital. It’s a game. They want someone to say they’re fired so they can get unemployment. You knew the rules. You chose not to comply with the rules. See Gordon, Joshua. Zero sympathy.
  17. Finally in a spot to open a taxable account. Just opened a joint account for the wife and I on Vanguard. Good day.
  18. They’ve made their stance that illegal immigrants won’t be required to get it. So if you cross the Mexican border illegally, you won’t. If you fly in legally as a citizen, the requirements are higher.
  19. I do think schools genuinely don’t know what they’re doing.
  20. In medical school, they talk about James Lind who did experiments with oranges, lemons and other potential treatments. I'm sorry we didn't study sauerkraut. It's a wonder I passed board.
  21. Sorry. I didn't think I had to explain to a smart engineer that saving lives mattered. Carry on.
  22. How can we properly study the long term effects of a Virus? You're taking your chances with one or the other man. Just one has more data points. And you're choosing the one with less. Good job doing your own research.
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