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  1. My hairline went into full retreat when I was 24 but somewhat stabilized maybe a year later. Always wondered what was up with that.
  2. Worst is herb scents like basil or rosemary. Can't stand it.
  3. Gas only lasts a few months. Can you maintain a solar array? Is it zombie-proof?
  4. Guess I was more recommending the brand than the specific bean.
  5. I'm not an expert but I think one of the most important bits is getting good beans. https://www.camelliabrand.com/products/red-kidney-beans/
  6. I think the psf suspensions have turned off a lot of people from posting or engaging at all and it's pretty disappointing.
  7. I was looking for some way to amp up a standard sausage egg and cheese, and the first video I clicked suggested putting jam on the muffin. Is this actually a thing?
  8. The on field cameras are out of focus half the time. I'm surprised they keep going with whatever new cameras these are because it looks terrible.
  9. Before the storm I got a parking spot on the left side of the street and it felt like winning the lottery.
  10. I can't think of anyone I know who was excited to vote FOR Biden, but I'd be pretty surprised if any of them regret the vote. I wonder how many presidents have gotten elected due to how intensely their opponent was hated.
  11. I'm imagining a world where Biden blocks white Christians from entering the country, kicks heterosexual people from the military, confiscates all guns except .22s, identifies Canadians as rapists and drug dealers, says that living in Kansas is "like living in hell," claims that injecting coolaid will prevent covid, and hires Hunter and the leader of the Black Hebrew Israelites to craft his national policy while denouncing Fox News as "pathetically fake" and suggesting that maybe the "2nd amendment people" can do something about it, and then 1 month after he leaves office I come on here and com
  12. I don't think it's even close to clickbait. I think this is an accurate depiction of the state of the office and pretending otherwise won't make it better. And yes, everyone pays attention to all of your posts.
  13. I read a bunch of posts on r/conservative about how recounting all the fake ballots obviously won't change the result.
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