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  1. Mack to Pittsburgh would be a great fit. Even though they have salary cap issues, RB's don't get more than $4 million a year in free agency.
  2. So frustrating that Lamar never looks to the flats to see if RB is open. He only looks at middle of field, and if nothing is open then he takes off for a QB run. Does Lamar not get any coaching ?
  3. SMH. Please learn the meaning of the phrase "Nobody cares about your team." Your posts are so self-centered that you have found yourself on the Ignore list for several of us, including myself.

    1. Snorkelson


      Seriously? I mean the Derek Carr thing was just one that stung but I was just trying to relate a bad beat while whining about Carr with some hyperbole, but I understand no one cares about that. That statement aside, is this something I do often? I feel I usually try to add to conversations and leave my teams out of it unless it’s relevent to the conversation.  Maybe I’m wrong. 

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