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  1. Awww man. I rushed here right after the race, I knew there was a dude that said Mandaloun was Bluegrass Cat!!?
  2. Correct me if I'm wrong as I was Red Zoning it, but I believe the Jets got beat deep the play before that too! (Carr just missed the throw) Inconceivable defense in that situation. They had to be giving the game away on purpose.
  3. The hell was that extended face mask?? LOL. That gave them the game.
  4. I just don't understand what the defender is supposed to do in that situation
  5. It's the Saints' rule and it turns out they only enforce it against the Saints
  6. Tolerable, at best. Definitely some wouldn't even rank him that high. Nobody knows why he's the #1 guy.
  7. Comfortably cleared the cut every week, but I'm rolling with 19 players so it could all go wrong in any week, and this could be the week - will be very light at RB if Gurley doesn't go.
  8. I've been trashing Booger this season so I will give him credit for crucifying the refs there, when the other analyst really didn't want to go there. His stock went up tonight.
  9. Exactly, a ref can't be making that call if they're like, huh, his hand is kind of in that area, that's enough for me. You gotta see the fingers wrapped around that mask. That should be reffing 101
  10. Booger is really terrible. His badness was covered up by WItten, who was utterly lost as a broadcaster in every way. Booger is a more polished broadcaster but I think his actual analysis is even worse than Witten's.
  11. Now THAT is why Will Fuller is my #1 guy in bestball
  12. He based his entire strategy around this one game. Brilliant!
  13. Hockensen just hurt himself with a completely unnecessary hurdle
  14. Ouch. Brees was one week away from passing the torch.
  15. I'm Dodds for life. Been following him for so many years now (MrFootball yo) and he's steered me right way, way more than he's steered me wrong.
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