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  1. He got a big TD run where a truck could have driven through the hole, so, you could say the stats were inflated. He did look promising as a runner overall though, his problems were with everything else, he didn't know what he was doing, as others have articulated.
  2. Well, indirectly... there's no upside to a hard count in that situation.
  3. Ray Lewis also can't believe how much Carr is forcing it to Waller
  4. Commentators going nuts for Ty'son Williams. Ran through a gaping hole. He looked good but just about any RB would have scored there.
  5. Of course it can be used in live drafts, that's what it is intended for. We're not here to win mock drafts!
  6. I think new threads are kind of a key component to the whole thing. A mega thread that has everything in it, by definition, is not going to have a very accurate title. When there is an issue that is stirring up discussion, I think the conversation would organically centralize in one place. That's one thing forums do pretty well. The occasions where three threads would be battling each other to discuss it; probably a rare case. Just my two cents, no way to prove it I suppose. If people are too attached to the idea of these legacy threads, then it's going to be tough to get everyone on board.
  7. Despite being a fantasy football diehard, and a huge user of Internet forums in general, I haven't used this forum that much in recent years, and I think that's because.. yeah, this forum is just not good right now. There are smart people here, and when I do read what they're saying, it's usually good! But I'm rarely doing that. I miss being able to log into The Shark Pool and see what fantasy football players are talking about. Now I know what's going to greet me. A wall of random player names. I might scan if there are any interesting looking topics but it's a needle in a haystack. I think some folks here have too much of a utilitarian view of how to use a forum. Believe it or not, not everyone visits a forum just to get information on Player A and Player B and then peace out. While of course I get the impulse of wanting information this way, sometimes I do too, this is not leveraging the forum platform. It is applying a web search mentality to a forum. If this is what FBG wanted, they would be well-served to just build a comment section into every player page on their website and ditch the forum. But I don't think that's what FBG wants, and for good reason. With a good community behind it, a forum can deliver much more than a series of comment sections. I see a lot of pushback, which makes some sense, as you are the people that are still here, so you're satisfied with the status quo. But Joe is flat-out saying that people are leaving the forums. Joe is not OK with that, and if you want Joe to be a good steward of FBG, then you shouldn't be OK with a hypothetical Joe that is OK with that. But I will also try to argue that Joe's initiative is better for the hardcores too. Among other things, like how incredibly unwelcoming the forum is, a big problem with the current system is that it puts people into bubbles. You interact with the same handful of people who are farming the Waller topic. And there are tons of little bubbles like this. But we're all walled off with little reason to interact with each other. Whatever compels you to post in the Waller topic (assuming it's not a reply to someone else), that should be a topic. That's how forums work. You have thoughts on how the injury to Jacobs will affect Waller's and Brown's numbers. Great, new topic. You're tossing and turning at night, trying to decide if Waller is a top 3 NFL TE. Boom, that's a topic. Compare to how the forum works now. Everything about Waller is stuffed into one topic. Now, what about me, a random forum user who doesn't own Waller. Of course I'm a football fan, a fantasy player, Waller is not completely irrelevant to me. But am I really going to go into a 100-page generic Darren Waller topic? Probably not, right? But one of the more specific topics given above? Sometimes that will get my attention, I think 'ah that sounds interesting' or I have a take on it, and I'll get involved. It is perfectly OK that over time, there will be many topics with Waller's name in it. That's working as intended, it's how forums have worked since dinosaurs roamed the earth. It is still easier to parse these topics, and find what you're looking for, rather than one giant mess of a topic that has EVERYTHING with no signposts whatsoever. A well-functioning forum can also have built-in indicators of how topics are trending. If I see a new topic that has 73 posts already, I know something is really hopping in there and will likely check it out. Conversely, maybe the Darren Waller topic has some really great discussion, it has 73 posts since yesterday, but there's no way to know that. It's on page 105, what page was it on yesterday? Hell if I know. What I'm trying to say is that having more specific topics is not just good for more casual visitors, it's good for the hardcores too. If everyone buys in, there will be more engagement across the board. More engagement is good for everyone. Right now, there is a decreasing amount of people in the forums (according to Joe) and they are mostly all in bubbles. It will be tough to make real change, because again, the people who are still here are happy with how it works. As a long time FBG subscriber who rarely visits the forum, I think Joe is 100% on the money. A couple things I would suggest for FBG to help such a transition, on the off chance that it does take hold: 1) FBG player pages list all forum threads that involve that player 2) Shark Pool topics are tagged with the relevant players, people can 'subscribe' to those player tags and get notifications on new topics
  8. Awww man. I rushed here right after the race, I knew there was a dude that said Mandaloun was Bluegrass Cat!!?
  9. Correct me if I'm wrong as I was Red Zoning it, but I believe the Jets got beat deep the play before that too! (Carr just missed the throw) Inconceivable defense in that situation. They had to be giving the game away on purpose.
  10. The hell was that extended face mask?? LOL. That gave them the game.
  11. I just don't understand what the defender is supposed to do in that situation
  12. It's the Saints' rule and it turns out they only enforce it against the Saints
  13. Tolerable, at best. Definitely some wouldn't even rank him that high. Nobody knows why he's the #1 guy.
  14. Comfortably cleared the cut every week, but I'm rolling with 19 players so it could all go wrong in any week, and this could be the week - will be very light at RB if Gurley doesn't go.
  15. I've been trashing Booger this season so I will give him credit for crucifying the refs there, when the other analyst really didn't want to go there. His stock went up tonight.
  16. Exactly, a ref can't be making that call if they're like, huh, his hand is kind of in that area, that's enough for me. You gotta see the fingers wrapped around that mask. That should be reffing 101
  17. Booger is really terrible. His badness was covered up by WItten, who was utterly lost as a broadcaster in every way. Booger is a more polished broadcaster but I think his actual analysis is even worse than Witten's.
  18. Now THAT is why Will Fuller is my #1 guy in bestball
  19. He based his entire strategy around this one game. Brilliant!
  20. Hockensen just hurt himself with a completely unnecessary hurdle
  21. Ouch. Brees was one week away from passing the torch.
  22. I'm Dodds for life. Been following him for so many years now (MrFootball yo) and he's steered me right way, way more than he's steered me wrong.
  23. Their careers have oddly been in lockstep, both quite impressive by rookie standards but never really advanced from there, getting worse if anything.
  24. He predicted that the Jets would Jets. They always find a way to Jets.
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