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  1. Hey, quick question hopefully you can help. My wife's iPhone is full, mostly with photos. She has iCloud backup and photostream on and over 5gb free on there. Is there a way she can delete the photos off the one without losing them from her cloud account (where they currently are aswell) or will deleting them on the phone clear them from the cloud too? Thanks
  2. Everyone thought Jimmy Savile was innocent at one point too... Shamelessly stolen but, Why did Bill Cosby drop the sex joke from his act? It felt a bit forced.
  3. After what we've gone through in the UK in the last 3-4 years nothing surprises me.
  4. I'm just delighted that I was here to witness round 4,596,930 of Squistion vs EBF. Top stuff and a real draw for the board.
  5. Loving Serial so far. BBC does a great film review Podcast as well.
  6. Picked up my 6 today, going to take some getting used to after having the 4s
  7. I think I'd say Watkins, Benjamin, Evans, Cooks. Watkins was so far ahead for me it would take a lot to swing it even with the strong showing from KB.
  8. lol i taught my son "dont just stare at it, eat it" when he was two and i was trying to get him to eat his dinner. Its a movie reference. Look it up if you dont know.Oh I know
  9. My daughters only 20 months so her potential for funnies is limited. When she had just started talking she couldn't say glasses and would call them lies (eyes). Anyway, we were at a christening and the minister was doing te whole piece about how god will look after the child etc. Just as she's finishing up my daughter turns around and starts reaching for my glasses shouting "lies lies!" More recently I've started teaching her tv catchphrases (suggestions welcome). My wife just about had a fit the first time she heard "Omar comin'"
  10. The attitude of certain Americans to drink driving is shocking to me.
  11. He's like 12 years old you sick son of a bitch. Actually, the actor is 16. And he's got the body of a 20 year old...
  12. Is this the guy that the Phenom index loved?
  13. It is not clear to me what 4 flex means. Does that mean you could start 5 QB? Up to 5 players from any of the skill positions? Sorry 4 non QB flexes, should have specified
  14. VBD guys, any recommendations on how I'd calculate baselines for the following format. Start 1/1/1/1 and 4 flexes
  15. Wasn't offered to me but Reggie Wayne and Moreno for 1.04 and DJax
  16. Trading Charles for Wilson and Blackmon taught me a lesson. I maintain it was a good idea at the time though. Mine was Charles for Wilson and Harvin. Checked back and I actually got a 4th in the deal. We do a split draft and it became Jordan reed so that helped.... Of course I only needed Reed because I'd traded for Hernandez
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