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  1. There is an ESPN poll to predict how the fight will go, over 12000 people have voted McGregor by decision.
  2. But why did Ainge give up the Brooklyn pick? I think Cleveland blinks and makes this deal with the Laker pick and another first rounder. Exactly who was Ainge bidding against? Overall, I like having Irving over Thomas especially considering signing IT to a max deal would have killed the Celtics. However, it feels like paying MRSP on a new car. Love the new car but a better deal could have been had.
  3. Get some sleep man, wake up and make your bed. First task of the day will be completed.
  4. Irving, Hayward, Morris, Brown & Horford projects to be Boston's starting 5 next season. Smart, Rozier & Tatum as the main guys off the bench. I mean, I like that team but their ceiling is losing to the Warriors in 5.
  5. What player do they trade for that makes them the favorite over Golden State? They have the potential to land a franchise player in next year's draft, they would be idiots to trade that away unless Lebron signs an extension.
  6. If I didn't know any better I would think Ainge was the one faced with IT demanding a trade, feels like he blinked here. Pretty sure Cleveland does this deal with the Lakers pick instead of Brooklyn. Granted, I'm glad Boston isn't going to sign IT to a max deal and I'm fine with Crowder being included in the deal but losing the Brooklyn pick is like a kick in the balls.
  7. I would be fine with this trade if it was the Lakers pick but I can't believe Ainge gave up so much for perhaps the only guard that is a worse defensive guard than IT
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