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  1. I'm 46 and got back into the gym a few years ago focused on lifting weights. I've put on a lot of muscle. I lifted in college and for a couple right after but then stopped. I'm lifting more weight than I ever did back in my 20s.
  2. Good luck this weekend everyone, I fear Divisonal weekend is going to be the undoing of a lot of you but I hope I'm wrong.
  3. Dinner last night at an amazing Italian restaurant: App: Italian cured meats and blue cheese platter Main course: veal saltimbocca with a side of pasta and marinara Dessert: fried do boys (fried dough), warm Nutella and vanilla bean ice cream weigh in this morning: 171
  4. I'm fearful this weekend of playoff football is going to lead to binging on beers, wings, queso and fast food for a lot of you.
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