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  1. PPR 1QB Team A received: Tyreek Hill Team B received: Josh Jacobs and 1.07
  2. Chase ran a 4.38 on his first attempt. 41” vertical 11’ broad jump 7.0 3 cone 23 reps of 225 3.98 20 yd shuttle Yeah, he’s nasty!
  3. 1 QB PPR Team A received: Laviska Shenault and 3.04 Team B received: 1.10
  4. That poor guy was a tackling dummy. His o-lines were horrendous. Seems to be a Texans tradition.
  5. Now he just needs David Carr to throw the ball past 15 yards.
  6. You do realize that this was a cap savings move. They saved 7.5 mil this year and the entire contract is voidable. This is the work of the genius Mickey Loomis.
  7. Had cap problems. Loomis just went from $100 million over to almost under the cap in a week.
  8. Loomis is a genius! All voidable years......Roger won’t like this at all 😂
  9. I know it was only one year but Jefferson was head and shoulders better than Jeudy or Ruggs and Chase (a true Soph) was better than Jefferson when they played together. Unless Chase forgot how to play football sitting out a year he’ll be a WR1 for years to come imo and should be picked as the first WR in rookie drafts.
  10. Great college WR......sure......NFL WR, not sure. I followed his recruitment as he’s from Louisiana, same as Chase. Coming out of High School they were both big time prospects but Chase had the physical element that separated the two imo. Smith has gained 0 muscle definition in his legs from his high school days. Chase is a better overall WR and should be the higher pick in the NFL and FF.
  11. I don’t know bruh, he sounded so mad in his message. I think he needs a hug.
  12. It was after the Reid talk. I’m going bpa but I think some WR’s will slip due to the league always drafting RB heavy (i.e Vaughn will definitely go top 8).
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