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  1. I agree 100% but a lot on here will say otherwise.
  2. You must not be from New Orleans then 🤣. Learn about the city you cheer for.
  3. You make me want to cheer for another team besides the Saints. You must be a Latoya da destroya fan 🤣
  4. He's accurate regarding Goodell.
  5. I'm in 2 leagues. I'm still alive in both which can be attributed to having a good draft. My strategy is to hold out as long as possible on spending money. I know it's a risky strategy but I think if I can catch some breaks I'll be able to stack my team towards end when the money pool dries up from teams getting cut. It's a real fun format to play.
  6. Saints get a lot of their defenders back today (minus the IR guys). I think this game goes under the 43 total.
  7. I'm out. Earliest I've been booted but I was not going far with injuries. Good luck to those who are left!
  8. 208 this week but losing Gus and Jeudy will hurt me moving forward based on my roster construction.
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