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  1. Remember, the new media darling Trevon Diggs was abused by Chase in 2019. This train is full steam ahead.
  2. That block he made for the Mixon TD was fantastic. The kid can do it all.......and he's 21
  3. I agree 100% but a lot on here will say otherwise.
  4. You must not be from New Orleans then 🤣. Learn about the city you cheer for.
  5. You make me want to cheer for another team besides the Saints. You must be a Latoya da destroya fan 🤣
  6. I agree with you but duck 😂
  7. He's accurate regarding Goodell.
  8. I'm in 2 leagues. I'm still alive in both which can be attributed to having a good draft. My strategy is to hold out as long as possible on spending money. I know it's a risky strategy but I think if I can catch some breaks I'll be able to stack my team towards end when the money pool dries up from teams getting cut. It's a real fun format to play.
  9. Told y'all, this guy just has "it".
  10. Saints get a lot of their defenders back today (minus the IR guys). I think this game goes under the 43 total.
  11. I'm out. Earliest I've been booted but I was not going far with injuries. Good luck to those who are left!
  12. 208 this week but losing Gus and Jeudy will hurt me moving forward based on my roster construction.
  13. Sorry bruh, I have an infant keeping me up all hours. I don't have time for a novel.
  14. QB - Patrick Mahomes - 27 QB - Ryan Fitzpatrick - 9 QB - Teddy Bridgewater - 5 RB - Christian McCaffrey - 39 RB - James Robinson - 16 RB - Gus Edwards - 11 RB - Sony Michel - 5 WR - Tyreek Hill - 32 WR - Jerry Jeudy - 16 WR - Corey Davis - 10 WR - Mecole Hardman - 10 WR - Jakobi Meyers - 6 WR - Marquez Callaway - 5 TE - Darren Waller - 27 TE - Jonnu Smith - 9 TE - Gerald Everett - 7 PK - Jason Myers - 4 PK - Nick Folk - 3 PK - Brandon McManus - 3 TD - Philadelphia Eagles - 2 TD - New York Jets - 2 TD - Green Bay Packers - 2 I wanted to grab my top player at each position (sans K or D) with the stack of Mahomes (who I think would be low owned) Hill and Hardman. Edwards, Callaway, Robinson and Michel will be highly owned but I felt like I couldn't pass them up.
  15. His contract is voidable; not guaranteed. Loomis is a magician.
  16. I'm not gonna get into a pissing match with you for the sake of the thread but how many of those are 20-30 year old world class athletes?!?
  17. I can just go by what I've seen in the past working with various teams trying to bring these items to market. If things have changed, that's great. Knowing what I've seen and heard from others I know still working in the sector, I still have my doubts. I never said he was........I said "If Someone".
  18. First, 99.6% survival rate and that's with people being marked as "COVID death" even though they had other ailments (cancer etc) leading to their death. Second, I worked for one of these companies for years that were first to introduce the vaccine. Do you know how long it took us to get any drug we developed or developing a generic of a product that was about to come off of a patent to get approved by the FDA? Multiple attempts over a year or two span before they finally had enough information they felt comfortable with releasing it for public consumption. This vaccine with no FDA approval is totally different than your other vaccines that had been tested for years before being released. That's the difference here. If you want to take it go ahead. If someone is forced to take it, that's the issue I have.
  19. What’s great is when someone ask how his FF team did this year he can say he won the league...........he better win 1
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