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  1. Followup to my experience with NFLJERSEYSUPPLY.COM posted on page 27 of this thread: I received no further followup from nfljerseysupply regarding my order and no response to my emails requesting a refund. I filed a complain with my credit card company and initiated a chargeback. It took about 2 weeks to get the charges reversed on my credit card. It seems nfljerseysupply didnt even respond to the credit company communications about verifying the charges.
  2. Pi$$es me off cuz I was gonna order the jerseys in the summer but never got around to it. And by the time I did order, it seems nfljerseysupply has crapped out.
  3. Heres my experience so far with nfljerseysuppl.com. I ordered 5 NFL jerseys on October 4th. I was paying with credit card and had trouble getting the payment to go through. It was giving me an error that the billing address I entered didnt match the address on the card (addressed did match and Ive never had this problem before as the address is straightforward with no abbreviations or anything). Anyways, I finally was able to get the payment though on the processing site, everything looked ok but then it reloaded the page and said there was some sort of error with the payment. I got a confirmation email that my payment was successful and I could see the temporary authorization on my credit card right away. I emailed nfljerseysupply to confirm that everything was OK. I didnt hear back from them. Then about a week later I received an email from Jessie indicating that one of the jerseys I ordered was available in only one size... this was strange as it was the size that I had ordered. I emailed back saying that was the size I want. At this point, I tried to log into my account at nfljerseysupply. I was no longer able to log in to look at my order and would just say info not found. In fact when I tried to retrieve my password, it says there is no account with that email address. Ive emailed nfljerseysupply several times and have filled out the two different "contact us" forms on their site several times. Its over 3 weeks from the date of my order and over two weeks from the last contact from them. I was thinking Id give it until the end of the week before calling my credit card company to do a chargeback. Im not sure what to make of my nfljerseysupply account not existing anymore. If I hadnt received that one email from Jessie then Id be certain my order was SNAFUd but that email gives me a bit of hope. Any thoughts? Also, why are most of you paying with paypal vs credit card? I have a credit card i use for internet purchases such as this with a low limit and I feel it gives me more security than paypal. Thanks.
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