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  1. Taking a vote. We’ll have either 15 or 16 teams. Two options for the size of the decade teams: A - 5 players per decade - 30 rounds total B - 6 players per decade (1 bench) - 36 rounds total All-time / Pantheon team will stay at 8 players (5 starters, 3 bench) either way.
  2. Here’s the plan. If we get a 16th we’ll set the draft order. If nobody else jumps in tomorrow we’ll stick with 15 teams and set the draft order Thursday. Im thinking we start drafting with no clock at first and then move to a one hour clock on Monday.
  3. LEAVES ARE LEAVING 224.YM - October - U2 October And the trees are stripped bare Of all they wear What do I care?
  4. Hey everyone - 3 more spots to fill in the all time nba draft. We’ve got 13 so far, looking for 16. Hoping to set the draft order in the next day or two and start drafting after (clock starting Monday). Get in there!
  5. Bump it up homeboy, just like that. We’ll move forward to set the draft order in the next couple days. We’ll start the draft clock Monday, but can start drafting sooner once the order is set. Is anyone good with setting up google spreadsheets?
  6. FALLING LEAVES IN THE FALL 223.YM - September Gurls - Big Star An ode to @simey and her hate for Summer.
  7. OH CANADA 212.YM - Rebellion (Lies) - Arcade Fire Thought about linking to a Rush song for fun.
  8. SYNTH SMORG 221.YM - Everything Counts - Depeche Mode Got to get these guys on the playlist.
  9. The Bumpty Dance is my chance to give a bump. Only 3 spots left!
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