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  1. Oops! That was meant as a personal message, and not a wall post. F it! It's true.

  2. Thanks for having my back (i.e. being a normal human). I've been well mannered and have supported all my claims. Yet Liberals deny fact, and attack a person for doing nothing more than wanting to protect innocent people. Liberalism is a cult where you try to show the other cult members how against racism you are. In reality, I'm the one against racism in that thread.

  3. Unsure if you saw my "Thanks" in the that thread, so I just wanted to send my appreciation. Contrary to the attacks against me, I'm not a racist. Quite the opposite, I believe in holding racists accountable. It's seems that now calling out minorities on blatant racism is racist, and covering up blatant racism is noble. That'll lead to problems. I'm glad someone else sees this.

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