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  1. Is Jimmy a good play this week vs Rams? Worried about lack of TD passes. Thinking of starting him over Big Ben.
  2. This is the perfect time and place for Chief Crief to have his first multi-TD game of the season.
  3. How many totes are we expecting? Still a crapshoot? I'm debating Lewis/McKinnon as well but non-ppr. It's TD or bust. FWIW, Thielen and Diggs look likely to suit up.
  4. He had 2 catches last week.......... for 71 yards. He had 2 catches last year........ for 90 yards. Does this guy even have a floor? Starting with confidence at WR3.
  5. Does he still have the same speed as he did in PIT?
  6. So he sprained his knee or his MCL? How affective will he be?
  7. Good call if you have the spot to see what he does. If Jordan Matthews wasn't scrubby I wouldn't need to stock fliers like K. Martin, Inman, and now Quick.
  8. I'd play Snead if I were you. That point differential might cost you your matchup.
  9. Starting with confidence. Some of you don't deserve to own 88. J/k. My only options on the WW are Dye, Aiken, Hunter, etc.
  10. Terrence Williams, Butler, and Street had productive days by their standards. I would feel comfortable starting Dez. Cassel throws like a QB who thinks he's better than he actually is.
  11. He's worth holding onto for when they're mathematically out of the playoffs, right?
  12. My Martin/Foster combo was looking deadly. It's all on you now, Dougie.
  13. Loved that guy. Drafted him 3 years in a row after that SB performance. I hope 10m is enough for him to live the good life.
  14. 5 TD's in 4 games played. Staying true to his average.
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